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VIDEO - Fishing boats nearly capsize and sink

Greymouth (New Zealand) - Two fishing boats coming from Riverton battle their way at the Greymouth Bar.

The region was hit by heavy rains 24 hours before, so the Greymouth River was flooded ! The bar of the Greymouth River is one of the worst bars in New Zealand.

Although their performance, the skippers of these two boats were prosecuted for having entered the river mouth... although it was closed !!

VIDEO - Fishing boats nearly capsize and sinkVIDEO - Fishing boats nearly capsize and sink

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One of the first meaningful things I've learned in sailing school was that, if you are in a pickle, you should turn to the open and not try to come ashore. Most naval accidents happen near the shore, pretty much like with takeoff and landings on airplanes. They should have waited outside with a nice cuppa in their hands.