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Lagoon - 4 catamarans on display including two novelties on the 2018 International Multihull Boat Show

Lagoon, world leader in the pleasure catamaran market, will come with no less than 4 models on display, including 2 novelties of the year, on the 2018 edition of the International Multihull Boat Show, from April 14 to 18, in La Grande Motte.

The new Lagoon 40, one of the great novelties of the 2018 International Multihull Boat Show

The new Lagoon 40, one of the great novelties of the 2018 International Multihull Boat Show

The Lagoon 50, officially presented at the Cannes 2017 show

The Lagoon 50, officially presented at the Cannes 2017 show

Over the years, the International Multihull Boat Show at La Grande Motte has become a natural meeting place for pleasure catamarans and trimarans. Determined to consolidate its leadership in this market, the Bordeaux shipyard Lagoon (Bénéteau Group) will exhibit 4 models of catamarans in La Grande Motte, two of the 3 novelties 2018, the Lagoon 40 and Lagoon 50 alongside the bestsellers Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 450S.

Lagoon 40 and 50 for the first time at La Grande Motte

This year, the Lagoon shipyard made the buzz in the world of multihull by presenting no less than 3 new models, a record on the sector, and if Lagoon Seventy 8, the motor yacht of the shipyard, will not be present on the show, Lagoon 40 and 50 will be there in order to be discovered.

These two models are strategic for Lagoon, because are positioned in the heart of the market, and inaugurate the new style of the range that is bound to decline on the other models of the site.

This style, all in details, renews the Lagoon line without revolutionizing it as success requires it! On the program, a design of great distinction, very worked, managing to combine power and lightness, with bows with beveled peaks, flanks of hulls lightened by a fold retaining light, and a suspended roof, in other words, a beautiful work signed by the designer Patrick le Quément.

In the specifications of the Lagoon 40 and Lagoon 50, the Bordeaux shipyard has done much work at the design level to optimize the performance with a weight/content estimate. The shipyard’s specifications intend to offer more service on board, for ... more performance on the water, two generally incompatible aspects aboard a sailboat.

The Lagoon 40 thus sees its net weight reduced by 300 kg, despite the integration on board of new equipment for a catamaran of 40 feet, like the washbasins of bathrooms in Corian.

Among the notable developments of the Lagoon 40 and Lagoon 50, the level of finish shows a notable improvement, taking again some of the codes and materials used on the yachts Lagoon Seventy 7 and Seventy 8, whether linings, woods, carpets or leather.

Regarding facilities, the Lagoon 40 comes in 3 version, 3 cabins-2 bathrooms; 4 cabins-2 bathrooms and 4 cabins-4 bathrooms, while the Lagoon 50 comes in 3, 4 and 6 cabins versions!!

This model is distinguished by a proprietary suite located in the starboard hull, offering a unique dressing room on a unit of 50 feet and a cozy luxury square, whose living room differs from the kitchen and the circulation part, by a walk well thought out and a central island.

The Lagoon 42 and 450S, two models positioned on the heart of the market

In parallel to these two novelties, the show of La Grande Motte will be the opportunity to visit two bestsellers of the shipyard, namely the Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 450S.

Available in 3 or 4 double cabins, the Lagoon 42 is characterized by its performance-oriented design, with its retracted mast and self-tacking jib system, a performance highlighted by its taut lines. In short, a unit that combines speed and comfort!

The Lagoon 450S, for its part, revisits the concept of FlyBridge Lagoon 450.

This model is indeed equipped with a secure helm station, offering a more direct communication with the crew in the cockpit, as well as a rigging lowered. A model definitely designed for sailing long distance with another person or with a crew.

The Lagoon 450S revisits the Lagoon 450 FlyBridge

The Lagoon 450S revisits the Lagoon 450 FlyBridge

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