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Zeelander Yachts unveils new Zeelander Z66

This is the largest Zeelander ever – the length is over 22 meters with swimming platformn with a  top speed over 40 knots.

Zeelander Yachts unveils new Zeelander Z66

Zeelander Yachts, a leading Dutch shipyard that creates high-end motor yachts with an elegant New York commuter styled profile, is delighted to announce the expansion of the range. The company has developed a completely new model, the Z66, which is going to become the flagship of the shipyard upon the launch – planned for early 2019. The Zeelander in-house team created the exterior design of the new yacht in collaboration with Cor D. Rover.
“Whilst keeping true to the iconic shape, the Zeelander design has evolved”, said Leonardo van den Berg, Commercial Director at Zeelander Yachts. “An S-Shaped deck line, a wider stern and even more curved surfaces. We believe true yacht building is a form of art. This is the epitome of our craft. The exterior design was inspired by the way Porsche incrementally evolves its designs over time. A legendary icon is what we envision for the Z66.”

Zeelander Yachts’ approach to the design is unique. The company actively involves current owners in the development process of future models. This was the case with the Z66. “One of our closest customers loves a good party”, explained Leonardo van den Berg. “In order to accommodate more of his guests, we collaboratively looked at the designs of the yacht and developed something that fulfilled all of his wishes. That’s how the Z66 was born.”

Indeed, the Z66 is going to be much bigger than the current flagship, the Z55, as it blends stylish appearance with some truly unique superyacht features. The new model’s length is 20.2 meters and it surpasses 22 meters with a large swimming platform open, while the maximum beam is 6 meters.

The interior design of the Z66 is made entirely by Zeelander Yachts in-house team. As her smaller sisters, she will have a sophisticated décor, huge panoramic windows and vast social zones for the best possible guest experience on board.

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