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Foiler: The flying yacht ready to wow the French Riviera

Foiler  will  have  a  permanent  berth  at  the  Yacht  Club  de  Monaco  and Saint  Tropez  from mid-July  2018  to  the  beginning  of  the  shows.

©Guillaume Plisson

©Guillaume Plisson

Delivering a smooth and exhilarating ride for passengers, Foiler offers a comfortable high-performance driving experience for whoever is at the helm. Its retractable carbon fiberhydrofoils deliver strength, rigidity and lightness, allowing the yacht to fly 1.5 meters above the water for the most exciting and relaxing yachting experience.

Foiling  technology  has  been  around  for  a  very  long  time  and  is  used  mostly  in  sail boats  and kitesurfing,  however  Enata  has  made  the  first  hydrofoil  yacht  which  is  easy  for anyone  to  use  andvery  efficient.

Foiler  has  a  huge  window  of  efficiency  as  it  starts  to  foil  at  12  knots  and  is completely out  of  the water  at  17  knots with  a  maximum  speed  of  40  knots  in  flight mode. It  is  also incredibly  easy  to  useand  drive,  just  like  a  sports  car:  you  just  press  a  button for  the foils  to  deploy  and  you  can  be  on your  way.

Handling  waves  up  to  2.5m  to  3m  in  foiling  mode  (conditions  with  5  to  6  Beaufort), while  still providing  complete  comfort  for  up  to  8  people,  the  Foiler can  retract  the foils and  be  used  as  a classical  boat  in  more  extreme  conditions.

Enata expertise

“We  are  a  family  of  sailors  and  kite-surfers  and  have  started  foiling in  kite  and catamaran  since about  10  years.  We're  fully  aware  of  all  the  benefits  of foiling” stated Alois Vieujot  –  Manager  at Enata.  “This  was  a  very  natural  step  for  Enata. We  produce large competition  and  professional drones,  as  well  as  racing  sailing  boats and  kitefoils. The Foiler  is  really  a  blend  of  all  those technologies.  To  start  this  project, We  merged  our R&D  with  the  Swiss  company  Hydros  that already  produced  a  working Foiler  prototype in 2015.  The  Foiler  is  the  result  of  a  long  process that  combined  all the  skills  of  the company  and  I  think  we  offer  an  outstanding  product  that  is both delivering  outstanding comfort  and  performance  whilst  being  very  easy  to  use.“
                                                                                                                                                          The  shape  of  the  foils  –  as  well  - are  different  than  before,  thanks  to  new advancements in technology.  New  Enata  R&D technologies  have  helped  develop  a  better foil  that  is  both very performing,  comfortable, and  auto  stable.

The  foils  are  fully  retractable.  With  our  patented  system,  the  Foiler  switches  from foiling mode  to Archimedean  mode  in  a  few  seconds.  When  moored  or  at  the  harbour, the  foils and  electric torpedoes  -  which  propel  the  boat  -  are  entirely  out  of  the  water. That  way they  stay  dry  and  clean, thereby  reducing  the  maintenance.  

The  hull  of  the  FOILER  has  also  a  very  elaborate  design  to  provide  very  smooth  take-off  andlanding  phases,  even  in  the  waves.

Comfort, safety, and environmental preservation

The  Foiler  brings different  advantages  such  as  comfort  and  safety  -  thanks  to  the hydrofoils  the yacht  is above  the  ocean  and  not  affected  by  the  waves,  completely steady even  in  bad weather. Since  its  not  jumping  around,  it’s  a  lot  safer  than  a  regular  yacht. It’s  also  a  lot easier to  drive  and the  steering  is  extremely  directional  without  and  lag.

The  Foiler  really  brings  a  lot  of  advantages  also  when  it  comes  to  the environment. The first  one is  the  fuel  consumption.  Due  to  it  being  lifted  in  the  air,  there is  much  less drag,  thus  a  lot  less  fuel needs  to  be  used  to  move  the  Foiler.  On  top of  that,  it  uses  a hybrid  propulsion  system.  Two diesel  engines  power  a  large  battery, that then  feeds  the electric  torpedoes  (propellers).

All  of  this  combined  makes  the  Foiler  about  20%  to  50%  more  fuel  efficient  than other yachts. You  can  even  go  completely  silent  in  full  electric  mode  at  10  knots  for  up to 10min,  and  get  a  larger range  at  lower  speeds,  which  is  very  pleasant  for  port maneuvers  or  for  fishing/trawling.

Another  great  advantage  is  the  elimination  of  the  wake  behind  the  Foiler.  Due  to  it not moving  as much  water,  it  barely  produces  a  wake.  This  means  it  doesn’t  bother anyone around  it,  and  hasway  less  impact  on  the  environment.

Finally,  due  to  the  hybrid  system  and  it  being  above  the  water,  it  generates  very  little noise.  Very low  engine  noise  and  no  noise  from  the  waves  hitting  the  hull.  It  is extremely quiet.  All  of  this combined  means  that  everyone/everything  around  you  won’t even  know you  just  passed  by  flyingat  40  knots!“

The  best  word  to  describe  driving  the  Foiler  is  tranquility”  - continues  Alois  Vieujot  -  “It is extremely  relaxing  and  easy  to  use.  You  don’t  have  any  movement  form  the  waves underneath  as you  are  above  them.  It  is  extremely  stable  and  safe,  like  a  flying  carpet over  the  ocean.  It  also eliminates  sea  sickness.  The  feeling  is  total  comfort  and tranquility. Going  back  on  a  regular  motorboat  really  feels  like  going  back in time”.

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