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Yamaha's Helm Master, for the ultimate multi-motor outboard riding experience

Renowned as one of the best outboard multi-motor management technologies, Yamaha's Helm Master stands out with dynamic GPS positioning features that bring a real plus to everyday navigation! 

Yamaha's Helm Master, for the ultimate multi-motor outboard riding experience

For many years, Yamaha has been developing digital systems at an impressive pace, and the launch of the Helm Master was a landmark event, providing owners of multi-motor outboard boats with features not previously available.

Especially in the area of positioning and manoeuvring, which can be done with the fingertips through the joystick!

Capitalising on this technology, Yamaha has taken a further step forward with the integration of a dynamic GPS positioning solution, SetPoint, associated with a 17-inch colour screen.  

Yamaha's SetPoint system is interesting in that it combines GPS navigation technology with the Helm Master control system, improving the accuracy of boat positioning and control to a level unprecedented in the boating industry.

In concrete terms, a dual GPS antenna - a unique feature of Yamaha boats - provides more navigation data to the operating system and therefore ensures even more precise control. 

On a daily basis, SetPoint offers 3 modes of use: Driftpoint, Fishpoint and Staypoint : 

  • DriftPoint allows the boat to drift according to the wind or current, keeping the CAP and not the position - Ideal for drift or kite fishing, this mode keeps the bow of the boat towards the selected cardinal point so that only the wind or current acts on the drift. 
  • FishPoint keeps the boat close to a selected point while maintaining POSITION, but not course. This mode is designed for fishing: while the pilot is focused on keeping the bow on course upwind or downwind, the FishPoint mode holds the boat's position by modulating idle speed. Yamaha's SDS (Shift Dampener System™) propellers also play a key role in quiet boat positioning. By being perfectly synchronized, they are less likely to spook fish. In strong winds or currents, this mode maintains a given position using only the selected FishPoint speed (up to 2500 rpm).
  • StayPoint keeps the boat close to a selected point by holding the course AND position. Waiting for your turn at the gas station? Or opening a deck? StayPoint is ideal for these situations. This mode uses the Helm Master system and its thrust and articulation control capabilities of each individual engine to maintain heading and position within 75 feet of the selected point.

The Helm Master Digital Electronic Control (DEC) system, with its intuitive joystick, is the gateway to the Drive-by-Wire system. It is very simple and intuitive to use, and controls up to four outboard motors. In addition, it offers a multitude of functions, including : 

  • Speed control 
  • Tilt correction assistance 
  • Single lever 
  • Central engine 
  • Central motor control 

The latest DEC Drive-by-Wire control now has a simple push-button on the top of the joystick, which allows the three new SetPoint™ modes to be activated and used. Each of the SetPoint functions is user-defined. Thus, control of the boat can be easily adapted to individual needs and preferences.

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