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Happy New Year 2020 to all !

Happy New Year 2020 to all !

At the beginning of the year 2020, allow me to present you, on my own behalf and on behalf of the whole team of your magazine, our most sincere Wishes of Health, Happiness and Success !

May this year, which is just beginning, meet your most diverse expectations, especially in what brings us together today, boating and the practice of boating in its most diverse forms.

The year that is coming to an end will have been a year of strong growth for Yachting Art and ActuNautique, its French speaking version.

We owe this growth to you, who over the years have trusted us to follow our news feed wherever it is available, be it on our sites, in our various social networks or on our web TV channels. Thank you for your loyalty, your encouragement, your favorites and your claws that allow us every day to question ourselves, to move forward in the right direction.

For 2020, our objective is to continue along this path, by further strengthening our presence in the field, our seatrials, and by going out to meet you more and more. 

You will have the opportunity to discover new features over the weeks on Yachting, such as the model of your site, which is evolving slightly for more sobriety and better ergonomics. More than ever, our desire is to bring you total reading serenity, when you decide to join us to spend a real moment of happiness.

Other evolutions will follow soon, but shhh... I didn't tell you anything ! 

In the meantime, Happy Nautical Year to you !

Nicolas Venance

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