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Fusion Entertainment showcases stellar line-up at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

Fusion Entertainment showcased its latest range of world-leading marine audio entertainment systems at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival.

Fusion Entertainment showcases stellar line-up at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019
Fusion Entertainment showcases stellar line-up at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

Visitors to the show saw the creative design and technological brilliance of the Apollo Series and Panel Stereo, as well as heard first-hand the incredible sound and premium quality of the all-new Flush Mount Series speakers and subwoofers and Shallow Mount Series speakers.

Apollo Series

The Fusion RA770 is the industries most awarded marine stereo and the flagship of the Apollo Series. Featuring a one-piece glass touchscreen display, built-in Wi-Fi streaming, Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP) and PartyBus capabilities, the RA770 takes marine audio entertainment to the next level. Thanks to a highly-responsive full-colour LCD display, the RA770’s one-piece glass touchscreen makes struggling to navigate through an interface a thing of the past. Users can simply tap the screen to pause and play, or swipe through a playlist to find their favourite song. The Fusion Apollo Series also includes the SRX400, delivering truly powerful performance in a compact versatile form. As with the RA770, the SRX400 offers Wi-Fi Streaming, DSP and PartyBus functionality.

PartyBus is Fusion’s audio distribution network of the future. Engineered for those who value freedom of musical choice, to play what they want, where they want, PartyBus gives boaters the power to command the party across the whole boat or quietly relax in a single cabin, regardless of others’ preferences. The power of PartyBus kicks in when users add more PartyBus enabled stereos to their on-board entertainment system. Each additional PartyBus enabled stereo gives the option to join Party Mode and play the same perfectly synced audio source through the entire vessel. Boaters can also opt into Personal Mode and listen to available audio sources from the stereo in their zone of choice without disrupting Party Mode in the other areas of the vessel.

The Fusion RA670 is the latest to join the Apollo family and has all the hallmarks of the Apollo Series, in a new compact form. Featuring a brilliant, optically bonded, full-colour LCD display, Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP), Fusion-Link integration and control, multi-zone control in up to 3 audio zones and PartyBus capabilities when connected to a Wi-Fi or Apollo network, the RA670 is a powerful extension of the Apollo Series.

With Optical Audio as a source option, the Apollo 670 is the perfect in-cabin/saloon stereo solution, enabling you to run the audio from your onboard TV through the Apollo 670 and the connected system, adding powerful audio to your TV viewing experience. Offering more source options, the Apollo RA670 offers users the ability to play their favourite soundtrack via Bluetooth, Optical Audio (TV), SiriusXM features (USA only), DAB+ ready (available in Europe and Australia only), AM/FM radio, AUX and USB. When connected to a Wi-Fi or Apollo network, users can finally stream music from a mobile device via Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), providing the highest quality audio streaming available.

Flush Mount Series

Designed with a minimalist, clean look, the new FM Series speakers have a mounting profile of no greater than 2.5mm, so they sit almost completely flat against a vessel’s interior – a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing finish never seen before on a marine speaker. The matching 10” 400 Watt FM Series subwoofers have a mounting profile of just 3mm, offering an easy way to add impressive bass to your onboard audio entertainment experience.

In true Fusion style, the speakers and subwoofers offer a quality audio experience like no other. Combining optimized speaker drivers with aluminium dome tweeters, the FM Series speakers produce quality audio at all volume levels, to deliver the best audio entertainment experience while out on the water. With the matching FM Series subwoofers, which have been built for versatility and ease of integration, users can easily create a 2.1 audio zone with simple installation and less cost. The 7.7” 200 Watt and 6.5” 120 Watt speakers, and matching 10” 400 Watt subwoofers, are available in black or white and in a round or square design, to suit all tastes.

Shallow Mount Series

With a shallow mounting depth of just 24mm, the SM Series are ideal for installations where mounting depth is limited, without compromising on the sound quality and performance normally associated with restrictive mounting depths.

The speakers have been specifically designed with a sealed, perfectly-tuned enclosure to produce quality audio reproduction that could normally not be achieved with a standard speaker of similar size in the same location. The sealed enclosure design protects all components from damage making the SM Series capable of being installed in positions such as cabinets without needing rear speaker cups that often reduce sound quality and complicate installation. Available in black or white, the SM Series have a circular rear mounting style with fly leads (150mm) which fit easily into existing 6.5” standard speaker cut-outs with no additional mounting holes required, which makes them perfect for retrofit projects.

The SM Series can be installed in various positions with two optional accessory mounting spacers available, a Two Surface Corner Spacer, for use in areas such as a corner where two walls meet, and a Three Surface Corner Spacer, designed for spaces where three surfaces meet such as a ceiling and two walls. 

Signature Series Speakers

The superior acoustic design and engineering make FUSION Entertainment’s Signature Series speakers the perfect choice for premium, purpose-built marine audio and entertainment systems. The Signature Series speakers feature an enhanced woofer magnet system that delivers leaner midrange frequencies, producing louder and clearer audio, matched with an updated tweeter for better cut-through and transparency, taking your audio experience to the next level. Featuring premium styling, the speakers are available with the ‘Classic’ Black Grill, as well as the original ‘Classic’ White, Sports White and Sports Chrome. The elegant finish perfectly blends with the decor of any vessel.

Not only do the Signature Series marine coaxial speakers provide a superior listening experience, they offer durability and protection against the worst of the weather and sea conditions. Each product is rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection and meets industry standards for UV and salt fog protection. This makes them perfect for either indoor or outdoor installation on any vessel.

XS Series

Available in three sizes (4, 6.5 and 7.7”), the new XS Series speakers combine optimized drivers with separate tweeters to produce a full range of audio reproduction that consistently delivers high quality audio at all volume levels. The 10-inch XS Series subwoofer, designed to add low frequencies to an audio system, can be installed in two different ways: traditionally wired through an amplifier, or users can create a 2.1 audio zone by connecting two speakers and a subwoofer directly to a Fusion multi-zone stereo with DSP – without the need for an external amplifier.

The aesthetic design of the XS Series features an innovative translucent cone to provide bright LED illumination on board in a range of colours; set the tone on the boat to complement music, mood or song. The low-profile grilles offer a sleeker design in Sports style or Classic style that let users match the look of their vessel while providing protection to the speakers themselves.

An optional lighting control wireless remote is available for the XS and EL series to take full advantage of the LED’s, offering a colour wheel to select your favourite colour for static display, or select the dynamic feature and watch your speakers cycle through colour options enhancing the atmosphere. The remote can control up to three lighting zones and functions up to 33 feet from the speaker lighting control module.

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