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VIDEO - 60m freefall for a Lifeboat !

Lifeboat manufacturer Schat-Harding likes to set freefall lifeboat records with its different models.

In 2012, the Schat-Harding company has set a freefall lifeboat record with its latest lifeboat generation, the FF1200 boat, a world record conducted as part of the certification tests of this model.

The boat was dropped from a freefall height of 60m, loaded with 7 tons, simulating 70 people. As part of the test, the engine was started immediately and was left running for four hours along with different manoeuvring tests.

“The FF1200 managed this height in an excellent way", said Geir Arne Veglo, CEO of Umoe Schat-Harding Equipment AS. “The FF1200 entered the water cleanly and made excellent headway.”

The FF1200 is the only lifeboat that has completed the full scale tests set by the new requirements for freefall lifeboats on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, DNV-OS-E406 standard. 

VIDEO - 60m freefall for a Lifeboat !
VIDEO - 60m freefall for a Lifeboat !

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