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VIDEO - 45 knots aboard a 3500 tons Freedom-Class Frigate

Defense - Amazing images of USS Milwaukee's sea trials.

45 knots aboard a recreational powerboat is already a great moment of sailing. So what about reaching it, not aboard a ship a few hundred pounds, but about... 3500 tons?

Recently, the US Navy broadcast the USS Milwaukee sea trials built by Lockheed Martin, a 3500-ton Freedom class Frigate with a semi-planing hull! This coastal patrol vessel of 3500 tons and 115m long reaches the maximum speed of ... 47 knots, or 83 km / h!

It is armed by a crew of 50 sailors and can accommodate 15 commandos, on missions up to 21 days.

It poweredd by two 36MW MT30 Rolls-Royce gas turbines, two Colt-Pielstick diesel engines and four Rolls-Royce waterjets.

In addition to a 57mm gun, the Milwaukee includes a sea-air missile system MK 49 with 21 RIM-116 missiles. It is equipped with a helicopter and two drones.

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