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John Holder joins Terra Sustainable Technologies as new Director Expeditionary Systems

John Holder joins Terra Sustainable Technologies as new Director Expeditionary Systems

Austin, Texas based Terra Sustainable Technologies (www.terrast.com), announces that Oceanic Expeditions founder John Holder has joined as an Ambassador and as its new Director, Expeditionary Systems.

In partnership with John Holder, Terra’s sustainable technologies will provide state-of-the-art solar power, energy storage, water purification and production equipment, and more to expeditionary safety and survival markets.

“It’s great joining a team of purpose driven innovators that are focused on providing products and technologies across a broad range of sectors, and I concur with Terra’s vision of incorporating renewable and sustainable, USA sourced and manufactured materials. I’m proud to be aboard,” said John Holder to Yachting Art Magazine.

Terra’s suite of Energy, Air, Water and Safety solutions are being used by a growing number of
commercial organizations, providing reliable clean power, air and water technologies, emission free vehicles, safety and more, enabling both sustainable growth and a clean environment.

Terra, a Sustainable Technologies Integrator

Working with a highly selective portfolio of  technology innovators, Terra specializes in the procurement and implementation of Sustainable Energy Generation and Storage, Emission Free Transportation, Air Purification, Water Purification and Production, Lighting, Communications and Safety solutions. A significant number of Terra’s solutions utilize renewable sources of power. The systems and solutions Terra implements for its clients can be customized to meet the most complex requirements and scaled to support large operations.

Currently, Terra’s Energy, Water, Lighting, Communications and Safety systems are operating in all environments—and on every continent—throughout the world.

“We’re honored to be partners with John Holder, and we’re proud that Terra’s sustainable solutions will provide clean Energy, Air, Water and Safety capabilities, which are absolutely essential for sustainable growth and a clean environment,” said Tony Saxton, the CEO of Terra.
“We’re focused on supplying varied, highly efficient and targeted equipment to our commercial
partners, and the powerful, positive impact of our solutions will continue to grow alongside our
partners’ needs and goals for sustainable integration.” Saxton said. “Terra’s status a Benefit
Corporation (‘B Corporation’), means the Company’s operations must have a positive impact on the Company’s employees, the greater community and the environment.”

John Holder is founder of Oceanic Expeditions (1993), Land Sea Air Expeditions (2010), The Explorer Institute (2015), Naturalist, Historian, and Photographer...

As a true Explorer and Fellow of The Explorers Club, John has conceived of and led numerous expeditions to the planets most remote and secret regions, unlocking secrets within.

Participating in expeditions as Historian, Naturalist, Photographer and Expedition Leader, while working with noted scientists and explorers. John’s interests and passions have taken him around the world and to 110 countries, he is a Pilot, Divemaster, and USCG Captain (OUPV).

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