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06/21/2021 From Overblog

Marine hybrid system from MAN Engines scoops prestigious awards

The MAN Smart Hybrid Experience from MAN Engines has taken top spot in two prestigious international awards. It...

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03/30/2021 From Overblog

Environment - Sunreef 80 Eco, the world's most advanced luxury catamaran in terms of eco-responsibility

With its ECO concept, the Polish shipyard Sunreef Yachts, the world leader in the semi-custom luxury catamaran...

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03/17/2021 From Overblog

In Vendée, Alegina transforms oyster shells into raw materials

They are 3 Vendeans who joined forces in 2018 to create an industrial start-up: Alegina. Philippe Gaboriau, Thierry...

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10/23/2020 From Overblog

The seabed littered with microplastics, according to a new study

A recent study shows that 14 million tons of microplastics end up on the ocean floor every year. That's 25 times...

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10/12/2020 From Overblog

El Grupo Bénéteau confirma su compromiso con el transporte marítimo a vela

El 30 de julio, el Groupe Bénéteau firmó un contrato de transporte transatlántico con Neoline, un nuevo armador...

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10/12/2020 From Overblog

Groupe Bénéteau confirms its commitment to maritime sailing transport

On July 30th, Groupe Bénéteau signed a transatlantic transport contract with Neoline, a new French shipowner and...

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07/21/2020 From Overblog

4 sailing cargo ships, to transport cocoa from the French chocolate maker Cémoi

Cémoi, the French leader in the chocolate market, has made the strategic decision to take its best cocoa products...

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06/11/2020 From Overblog

Nico Rosberg成为Sunreef Yachts新的品牌大使

作为世界半定制豪华双体船市场的领导者,Sunreef Yachts日前宣布Nico Rosberg成为 其品牌大使。Nico Rosberg是F1方程式赛车世界冠军,同时他也是一名可持续发展行 业的一名投资人。 Nico...

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06/02/2020 From Overblog

Ozeane - Buckelwale haben sich auf 93% ihrer Vorjagdzahl erholt  

Einem Time-Artikel zufolge erholen sich Buckelwale weltweit auf außergewöhnliche Weise. Während die Art vor 70...

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03/12/2020 From Overblog

Russian and French scientists invent a material to clean the oceans of hydrocarbons

Researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia and the University of Lille have developed a superhydrophobic...

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