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07/01/2024 From Overblog

Nautism - YOT Power Catamarans announces the arrival of the YOT 41

Just one year after the launch of the YOT 36, and in line with the brand's roll-out programme announced at the...

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06/23/2024 From Overblog

With the Nimbus 495 Fly, the Swedish shipyard enters the exploration boat market

The market for exploration boats is booming, driven by brands such as Targa, joined in recent years by builders...

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06/06/2024 From Overblog

Boating - Axopar reinstates production of its range of sport outboards

A new era has begun for the Finnish brand Axopar, which has just acquired a majority stake in a Polish shipyard...

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05/17/2024 From Overblog

Partnership between the Fanale Marine RIBs and Honda Marine

As a result of this partnership, the Japanese engine manufacturer will supply the majority of the engines powering...

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04/15/2024 From Overblog

Delivery of the 100th Leopard 53 Powercat in 3 years

The South African shipyard Robertson and Caine, owned by the Czech investment fund PPF, has just delivered its...

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03/23/2024 From Overblog

Private tour of YOT 36, Catana Group's first powercat

YOT 36 - 15 minute private tour With the YOT 36, the Catana Group is entering the outboard powercat market, in...

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02/18/2024 From Overblog

Video interview - Why yacht shipping is booming (MULTILINGUAL subtitles)

The maritime transport of yachts and pleasure boats is growing fast, and Dutch company Sevenstar Yacht Transport...

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01/08/2024 From Overblog

World premiere for the Saxdor 400 GTC at Boot 2024

Boating and Outboard Boats - Saxdor Yachts will unveil its new flagship, the Saxdor 400 GTC, at the BOOT Düsseldorf...

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12/14/2023 From Overblog

New wallypower50 ready for its world debut at boot Düsseldorf 2024

New wallypower50 will be unveilled at Boot Düsseldorf 2024. The wallypower50 is a real key addition to the existing...

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12/13/2023 From Overblog

Garlington 61 Flybridge, for fishing trips

Garlington Yacht is part of the crème de la crème of US sportfishing XL manufacturers. These incredible boats are...

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