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07/02/2024 From Overblog

Andrea Aiello, boss of Joker Boats, has been dismissed!

There are some press releases that never cease to surprise, like the one issued by Joker Boats, the Italian manufacturer...

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07/01/2024 From Overblog

Yachting - Martin Lambot, new chairman of distributor Tecmar

Thierry Lambot, founder 13 years ago of the La Rochelle-based distributor of accessories and equipment for boating...

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06/12/2024 From Overblog

Yachting - The Monaco Yachting Cluster celebrates its 10th anniversary

More than 150 people gathered on 11 June to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Yachting Monaco" Cluster in...

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06/10/2024 From Overblog

Very good first-half results for 2023-2024 for Catana Group, which is anticipating the arrival of more than 65-foot Bali vessels

The figures published on 3 June by Catana Group, builder of the Catana, Bali and YOT Power Catamarans, are excellent,...

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06/10/2024 From Overblog

The Bénéteau Group announces a new organization for its Boating Division

Bénéteau Group's Yacht division, which has until now been organized into rafts by brand under the direction of...

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06/06/2024 From Overblog

Boating - Axopar reinstates production of its range of sport outboards

A new era has begun for the Finnish brand Axopar, which has just acquired a majority stake in a Polish shipyard...

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05/17/2024 From Overblog

Partnership between the Fanale Marine RIBs and Honda Marine

As a result of this partnership, the Japanese engine manufacturer will supply the majority of the engines powering...

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05/15/2024 From Overblog

HanseYachts AG delisted from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

A new era is dawning for German shipyard HanseYachts AG, builder of Hanse, Dehler and Moody sailing yachts, and...

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05/09/2024 From Overblog

Freedom Boat Club United Kingdom Announces New Location in Chertsey

Freedom Boat Club will Expand its footprint for providing direct access to the Thames River. Freedom Boat Club,...

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05/03/2024 From Overblog

A giant factory for Chinese Highfield RIBs

Boating and rigid inflatable boats - Chinese semi-rigid boat builder Highfield, which specialises in aluminium...

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