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The TOWT sail cargo ship just launched

The hull of the future cargo sailboat has just hit the water. It will shortly be taken in tow to Concarneau, where the French shipyard Piriou is waiting for it to be masted and fitted out.

The TOWT sail cargo ship just launched

The hull, built in Giurgiu, Romania, on the Piriou-Romania site, will be towed at low speed via the Bosphorus, the Dardanelles, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay and then the Finistère coast.

She will then be taken in charge by the Piriou shipyard, which is close to the rigging industry and offers both technical excellence and international projection capacity to keep up with merchant navy costs.

Transport by sail, once forgotten in favour of ever more powerful engines, is now once again essential in a world where excessive consumption and pollution can be destructive. This cargo sailboat, clear proof of a new historical turning point for merchant ships, shows the way towards more responsible and environmentally-friendly merchant shipping giants.

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