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Sweden's Nimbus Boats buys out fellow Swede Alukin

The nautical mercato continues, with the takeover by Nimbus Boats, a specialist in Swedish luxury motorboats, of Alukin, a manufacturer specialising in aluminium motorboats.

An aluminium outboard boat from Alukin, a Swedish shipyard bought by its compatriot Nimbus Boats.

An aluminium outboard boat from Alukin, a Swedish shipyard bought by its compatriot Nimbus Boats.

If aluminium boats are not really popular eveywhere, it is not the same in Scandinavia and North America where they constitute a major segment of the powerboat market.

It is this aspect that has just pushed Nimbus, an iconic Swedish brand in the composite hull motorboat market, to buy its compatriot Alukin, a well-known brand that offers a fairly wide range, relatively similar to that of Anytec, another Swedish brand, which was once imported into France.

This takeover, which comes in the midst of the covid 19 crisis, is a thumbs up to the current economic situation, as Jan-Erik Lindström, CEO of the Nimbus Group explains: "Despite the current situation, we are confident about the future and believe that the aluminium boat segment is a must in Northern Europe, but also in other parts of the world where we are active. With Alukin, we are complementing our brand portfolio with premium class boats, suitable for both leisure and professional activities.  By expanding our product range, the Nimbus Group is better able to respond to market expectations".

Created in 2008 by Peter and Maria Nikula, the Alukin brand is relatively young. Positioned on the high-end market, from its launch it has addressed two distinct markets, that of professionals and that of yachtsmen, with open hull or cabin cruiser type units ranging from 6.50m to 9.50m in length.

Unlike some of its competitors, Alukin boats are built in Sweden, in Norrtälje, north of Stockholm, and not in the Baltic States.

Nimbus and Alukin began a commercial collaboration in 2018, which allowed the two companies to get to know each other before considering a merger.

The acquisition of Alukin by Nimbus will enable Alukin to greatly expand its distribution network and gain notoriety, while benefiting from better purchasing conditions from its suppliers.

The Alukin range will also continue to expand, with the launch this year of a 6.50m long bowrider, the Alukin DP 650.

The Nimbus group has 7 brands of boats, Nimbus, Alukin, Aquador, Bella, Falcon, Flipper, and Paragon, and also controls dealerships and marinas, while having a network of independent distributors and importers.  

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