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The CXO300 receives BSO-II certification to operate on Lake Constance, Germany

Cox Powertrain’s CXO300 diesel outboard engine has received the Lake Constance (Bodensee) emission approval (BSO-II) which grants permission to operate on the picturesque Lake Constance, a highly regulated lake primarily belonging to silent boating and water sport activities.

The CXO300 receives BSO-II certification to operate on Lake Constance, Germany

Cox Powertrain has received BSO-II certification of approval to operate on the highly regulated Lake Constance bordered by Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The picturesque lake, which covers a distance of 63 kilometres, is regulated by the Lake Constance Shipping Regulations who work towards safeguarding its natural environment, granting special rights to passenger ships and fishing boats to operate on its waters. Known for its tranquillity and beauty, the lake is also a popular destination for motorboating and sailing, along with other water sporting activities.

This certification of approval would not have been achieved without the help of Cox’s Swedish distributor, Diesel Power AB who worked closely with the engineering team at Cox, as well as local partners including, Valentina Bootservice and BootCenter Konstanz.

Peter Nauwerck, Managing Director at Diesel Power AB comments, “Lake Constance has for many years been known for its tough emission standard reaching beyond the general levels applicable for the European Union. Therefore, we are extra proud that the CXO300 diesel outboard has been approved for use on the lake.”

We achieved this by close co-operation between our local partners Valentina Bootservice and BootCenter Konstanz, Diesel Power AB as distributor for Sweden and Germany and Cox Powertrain in the UK.”

The CXO300 receiving the BSO-II certification is a testament to the innovative engineering and design that went into developing this market-revolutionising outboard and echoes the dedication to ensuring that the CXO300 is a clean-burning engine. Emissions regulations are constantly evolving, so it was imperative to Cox to design, not only a ground-breaking engine but an environmentally friendly and sustainable one too.

Hugh Hudleston, Head of Sales at Cox Powertrain comments, “At Cox Powertrain we have a strong business message to lower emissions that are harmful to our natural environment. Lake Constance certifying the CXO300 as safe to operate on their picturesque lake is a great accomplishment for Cox and continues the driving force in the development of propulsion systems to produce lower CO2 emissions.”

The CXO300 produces 20-35% less CO2 emissions than comparable gasoline outboards, and not only paves the way for innovation in powerful diesel outboards but it also helps Lake Constance uphold its regulations to protect its natural environment.

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