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Ceranium, the easy ceramic treatment for leisure boats

Nautic Clean, the leader of cleaning and maintenance products for leisure boats and yachts launches in the ceramic treatments accessible to everyone, with a range of 3 references, allowing to clean then to maintain its boat easily, for a breathtaking expected result.

Ceranium, the easy ceramic treatment for leisure boats

Ceramic treatments have been successful for a few years in the automobile field, which have imposed themselves on detailing professionals, this capacity to propose a vehicle with an exceptional body shine and very little dirt on a very long time, because protected from micro-scratches.

For a long time, these treatments were relatively expensive, requiring complex and long steps, implemented by specialized professionals.

For a year now, this market has been turned upside down by the arrival of easy-to-use products, generally promoted in social networks and offered for direct sale, allowing a motorist armed with soft, clean rags to do these operations himself, at a very affordable cost.

Anticipating the existing need in the nautical field, Nautic Clean, the european leader of cleaning and maintenance products for leisure boats and yachts enters this market with the Ceranium range, a range composed of 3 references, allowing to realize a complete treatment oneself: 

  • The CNX 20 is the initial cleaner to be applied at the very beginning, before the CNX 1000 treatment, then in maintenance after treatment.
  • The CNX 1000 is the protection and shine treatment. It will protect the boat from salt, UV, micro-abrasions, while providing a great shine and a powerful hydrophobic effect for several months.
  • The CNX 50 is a wax based on molecular ceramics which allows to maintain the surfaces treated with CNX 1000 without water. The CNX 50 allows to clean all surfaces, to protect windows, to remove limestone after washing for yachts, stainless steel and to bring a very soft touch to materials.

Elaborated for the extreme conditions of the nautical and leisure boating, it goes without saying that the Ceranium range should also find its users in the automobile and the campers, according to the principle of the which can the more can the less, with a major asset: its fast availability in all the stores of fittings. 

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