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Partnership between ADSB, ADD Military Supplies LLC and Chantier Naval Couach

Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC (ADSB), a provider of construction, repair and refit services for naval, military and commercial vessels, has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with ADD Military Supplies LLC and Chantier Naval Couach, French shipbuilder of defense and rescue vessels, luxury yachts up to 50 meters, also very active through its marine services franchise.

Partnership between ADSB, ADD Military Supplies LLC and Chantier Naval Couach

The partnership will effectively split scope in order to allow for know-how transfer and help fulfil UAE local requirements content. 

This agreement marks the beginning of a long collaboration between the three organizations to serve the GCC primarily, as well as strategic international markets, and clearly underlines the companies willingness to become more global and open to an increasingly more international and complex world, where “1+1 can be greater than 2’’.

“ADD Military Supplies, a leading UAE National company, is proud to join forces with ADSB and Couach Chantier in realizing this unique partnership. ADD’s main objective is to bring the best products and technologies to the UAE market and at the same time train the UAE Nationals in order to prepare them for the upcoming move towards industrialization of the UAE economy”, said Dr. Abdulla Alraisi, CEO of ADD Military Supplies.

Through their collaboration, both parties will share their design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities between France and UAE.

This agreement will allow Couach and ADSB to benefit from each other unique skills and serve the UAE market in compliance with local economy and development guidelines before focusing on other markets.

“Partnership is a critical enabler of diversification and expansion. Our cooperation with industry-leading entities reaffirms ADSB’s focus on bringing new solutions to the local market,” said Dr. Khaled Al Mazrouei, CEO of ADSB on Yachting Art Magazine.

Renowned for its shipyard, ADSB has partnered with international marine sales services and agents in 17 countries to promote new build and repair services on behalf of the company.
“Chantier Naval Couach is proud of this partnership with ADD Military Supplies LLC and ADSB, to support the long term growth of the UAE marine market. Couach, as a technology leader focused on innovation and quality, has recently demonstrated exceptional execution. High speed interceptor boats have been delivered at the rhythm of one per week, with zero defects before shipping, as well as a fully customized and refined 44-meter superyacht. We are excited to promote structure advancements through mutual learning, by collaborating closely in this partnership. That will be without any doubt, a game changer in the market”, concluded Dr. Walter Ceglia, Chantier Naval Couach’s CEO.

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