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Mercury Marine Announces Partnership with Fell Marine, Leader in Wireless Technologies for Marine Applications

Mercury Marine announced on March 3rd a partnership with Fell Marine, leader in wireless technologies for marine applications. This new partnership will allow them to co-develop wireless connected products and IoT (Internet of Things).

Mercury Marine Announces Partnership with Fell Marine, Leader in Wireless Technologies  for Marine Applications

These new products will be fully integrated into Mercury's SmartCraft technologies (sensors, gauges, monitors and navigation systems) to make navigation easier, more enjoyable and safer than ever, Mercury Marine announces.

Several concept prototypes co-developed by both companies have already been featured at the Miami Boat Show of 2018, including a Glass Dash model, which was demonstrated at Mercury's main booth.

The Fell Marine WiMEA system is largely responsible for this relationship. This wireless protocol is announced as the most advanced on the market for data security. The exclusive WiMEA platform, built around wireless and IDO technology, is energy efficient and uses the most advanced wireless algorithms on the market.

WiMEA offers a very high level of encryption security as well as a very reliable wireless connection. It seamlessly integrates with other CANBus standards, such as SmartCraft and NMEA2000.

"Our exclusive WiMEA wireless protocol is the cornerstone of Fell technology. It provides
a reliable, secure and robust connection for critical data, while providing connectivity to
Bluetooth applications and devices so that boaters can easily communicate with their
boat" said Christian Frost, CEO of Fell Marine to Yachting Art Magazine.

John Buelow, Mercury Marine's Vice President Global Category Management, adding, "Today's boaters expect the same level of connectivity and performance from their boat as their cars. Our partnership with FELL will accelerate our production plans and provide us with wireless technology specifically designed to meet the demands of the marine environment"

SmartIgnition is the first wireless technology development created by Mercury Marine and Fell Marine. It is a keyless ignition system with the following functions:

  • HUB - Connects up to four motors via the 6-pin switch connector;
  • KeyFOB - WiMEA, BLE and NFC protocols are packaged in a single unit, for a minimum of 1000 hours of battery life, wireless induction charging, haptic feedback and advanced security features;
  • On/off without key - Via KeyFOB, VesselView mobile app, keyboard, NFC tag or PIN;
  • Auto Engine Start Sequence (AESSTM) - Holding the Start/Stop key on the KeyFOB or HUB for 3 seconds automatically engages sequencing of all engines;
  • Advanced Man Overboard Protection (MOB) - Emergency stop of engines, keyless system for protection of men overboard;
  • Video link: https://www.facebook.com/MercuryMarine/videos/10156113035444337/

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