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VIDEO - 2.16 Minutes of Happiness on Board of a Targa 32

Today, you want to be able to go out at sea in all weathers, in all latitudes, in all seasons. You want comfort, safety, performance, the smell of oiled teak, the finish of a Jaguar, and the all-terrain ability of a Range Rover... on the water!

That is why the Targa 32 is for you!

With the Targa 32, the Finnish yard Botnia Marin brilliantly displays the Targa DNA in 32 feet.

Its V-shaped hull is reputed formidable to pass in the heaviest seas and its deck plan with very protected pass guards and a protected front cockpit makes it a very reassuring boat for the whole family.

Unsinkable with its foamed shell, with a rather extraordinary finish, including the famous oiled teak of the house whose smell is inseparable from the brand, the Targa 32 is available in several versions of bridge, with side or rear doors and several versions of interior design, which makes this original model a true semi-custom.

VIDEO - 2.16 Minutes of Happiness on Board of a Targa 32

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