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Scoop - a 46-foot Model for Targa Botnia Marin

According to our information, the Finnish shipyard Targa would work on the development of its new flagship, a nearly 46-foot unit, the biggest Targa ever built.

The Targa 44 by Botnia Marin - A nex Targa 46 is under development...

The Targa 44 by Botnia Marin - A nex Targa 46 is under development...

Specialized in the construction of semi-custom luxury boats, the Botnia Marin yard (Targa) is continuing its development in order to satisfy the demand of customers wishing to move the range upmarket.

Until now, the Targa range consisted of 8 models and the last launch was the 30.1, a model all the more strategic that it filled a gap existing between the Targa 27.1 and Targa 32.

These are models with a very strong backbone, and the Finnish brand brings a unique offer to the market, because it combines exceptional hulls, able to go out in all weather, a discreet luxury - very Scandinavian - characterized by a quality of construction fairly unique and a semi-customization program adapted to the world of yachting.

This range is now complete, culminating with a 44-foot model proposed in many versions - the specificity of the shipyard is that almost every model is sold as a single specimen – it will allow you to reach speeds between .. 35 and 39 knots, nothing less!

A model that has met with great success since its launch, a success that according to our information would have pushed the shipyard to develop a larger model, namely a 46-foot boat. A size that is still reasonable, but that would allow Botnia Marin and Snip Yachting to go on and tickle yachting manufacturers such as Princess, Sunseeker or Azimut, with a specific and offbeat offer to satisfy owners sailing regularly.

Because the Targa are above all boats that sail a lot, because of their intrinsic qualities, their resale value is especially high!

Even though the shipyard Botnia Marin refused for now to comment on this information, we will not fail to return to this development very quickly in our columns.

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