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Avator, the new range of electric outboard engines from Mercury Marine

The opening of the Miami Boat Show 2022 was the opportunity for the American engine manufacturer Mercury Marine to unveil its new range of electric outboard motors called Avator!

Avator, the new range of electric outboard engines from Mercury Marine

Presented for the very first time at the Miami International Boat Show 2022, the Mercury Avator electric outboard motor concept will be officially launched during 2022 and 2023.

For Mercury Marine, the future Mercury Avator electric outboard engines are intended to offer a new boating experience for boaters, combining a start in electrification with more than 80 years of expertise in the marine industries.

Leveraging Mercury Marine's expertise in hydrodynamics, corrosion resistance, reliability and industrial design, the Avator concept will deliver a superior user experience across a wide range of boats and activities.

Speaking at the presentation, Chris Drees, president of Mercury Marine, told ActuNautique Yachting Art, "We are excited to officially announce this bold new phase of our vision for the future that only Mercury Marine can deliver. Electrification is important to us and this concept provides the first glimpse of how we intend to deliver on our commitment to be the industry leader in both internal combustion and electric propulsion products. We are taking efficiency to a new level and opening up new ways to enjoy the boating experience."

With Avator, Mercury aims to further its commitment to sustainability, offering the ability to sail without any direct emissions.

Mercury is also using electrification to make boating more accessible through features such as interchangeable batteries and increased portability.

"Mercury has the strongest and most robust technology and design teams in the industry, shaping a new power for boating and engaging the brand in new applications," said Tim Reid, vice president of product development & engineering for Mercury Marine. "We believe features such as easily replaceable batteries and quiet operation are of great interest to current and potential boaters. We anticipate that our range of electric offerings will expand over time, and we will continue to listen to consumer feedback and monitor trends in customer acceptance."

Decryption - The very first Mercury Avator model unveiled, turns out to be a transportable model, with a removable battery. It is ideal for a sailboat or motorboat tender, a boat or a small craft dedicated to inland waters or coastal navigation. This is a challenge for the German motor manufacturer Torqeedo.... 

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