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Oyster Yachts - Production restarts in Wroxham

Oyster yachts will once again be manufactured in Wroxham.

Oyster Yachts - Production restarts in Wroxham

Oyster Yachts announces that manufacturing has re-started at its plant in Wroxham, Norwich.

In news which marks the beginning of the Company’s next chapter following its sale to entrepreneur Richard Hadida, as of today yacht builders have begun work on an Oyster 675 yacht, one of the Oyster’s flagship vessels.

The yacht will be 67 feet in length, exemplifying the quality, comfort and performance which Oyster prides itself on and makes its vessels the ‘Bentley of the Seas’.

This is the first of two yachts Oyster currently has contracts for, with several more orders expected to be signed in the coming weeks as the Company seeks to complete projects which had been paused during the administration process.

Just three months after the business was put into administration, 50 skilled yacht builders have been hired, all of whom have previously worked for Oyster and so share the Oyster heritage. Oyster will continue to scale up its hiring push as more order contracts are signed, and expects to make further announcements shortly.

This commitment to saving as many highly skilled jobs as possible in Wroxham represents an important target for the Company, and illustrates Oyster’s commitment to its heritage.

Since acquiring Oyster, Richard and the management team have been working to re-establish relationships with both existing and former clients, suppliers and of course employees. The formal beginning of construction is a major milestone in the re-birth of this great British manufacturer. Oyster successfully re-launched the Oyster World Rally on 23rd April, another key milestone for the Company, with 17 Oysters set to leave Vanuatu in the Pacific islands shortly, setting sail for the Whit-Sundays in Australia.

Richard Hadida, Oyster’s CEO, said to Yachting Art Magazine: “It brings me real pleasure to announce that the production of Oyster yachts has recommenced in Wroxham. Whilst we are moving into a new chapter for the business, we always knew that staying true to the Company’s roots was vital. I am incredibly proud that we have been able to hire previous employees of the business, as it is their expertise and craftmanship which will ensure we maintain the mark of quality Oyster yachts are known for. As both CEO and a member of the Oyster family, I am delighted that we can now begin to fulfil existing client orders which were interrupted by the administration process, as well as look to the future with genuine confidence as we accept new contracts and return to full-scale production.”

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