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ARC, the best way for Lagoon catamarans to demonstrate their performances in Blue Water Cruising

The start of the 31st edition of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) will be given in Las Palmas on Sunday, November 20th. On this 2016 edition, half of the 42 competing catamarans are Lagoons ! 

ARC, the best way for Lagoon catamarans to demonstrate their performances in Blue Water Cruising

It's been 11 years that Lagoon has been taking part in this transatlantic gentleman sailor's regatta connecting Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia. As every year, Lagoon is extremely well-represented: among the 42 competing multihulls, 23 are Lagoons, that is to say more than half!

Among them, 8 will take part in the ARC+, a rally connecting the same destinations as the ARC by way of Cape Verde, which was a smashing success for Lagoon last year!

Efficient Blue Water Cruising Catamarans ! 

Let's not forget that the 380 Havhunden had finished 1st in the corrected time ranking of the 2015 ARC+, followed by another Lagoon, the 400 Vaares. Moreover, 6 Lagoon catamarans had finished in the ARC overall top 10, including a 39 that won the 4th position in corrected time !

Ever since Lagoon took part in this event, its catamarans have won first places in the Multihulls Divisions of the ARC and ARC+ nearly every year, putting an end to preconceived ideas about Lagoon!

Not to minimize the winning crews' notable efforts nor the significant number of Lagoon owners, those excellent results have been made possible thanks to the features of Lagoon catamarans prepared for effective use in offshore cruising.

Indeed, the imposing equipment that is necessary for a long trip, can have a negative impact on the velocity of some catamarans.

Conceived by the VPLP architects team, the Lagoon catamarans offer a great comfort which doesn't decrease the sailing performance of the boat.

In fact, the available payload on Lagoons is significant and ready for welcoming all the necessary on-board comfort. The shapes of hulls enable this load while maintaining high average speeds. The fact that Lagoon catamarans win ARC's first places so frequently is just a proof of that.

The ARC and ARC+ last winning Lagoon catamarans !

  • 2015: 380 Havhunden, 1st in ARC+ Multihulls Division in corrected time. 
  • 2013: 620 Enigma, 1st in ARC+ Multihulls Division in corrected time.
  • 2012: 560 Feliz, 1st in ARC Multihulls Division in real time.
  • 2011: 560 Blue Ocean, 1st in ARC Multihulls Division in corrected time and 3rd  in ARC Multihulls Division in real time.
  • 2010: 620 Lady Boubou, 1st in ARC Multihulls Division and 11th overall in real time. 

A Multihulls cocktail reception on Thursday, November 17 !

As every year, all catamaran owners taking part in this event, no matter what the brand of their boat is, are invited, just a few days before the big start, to a presentation about multihull crossing followed by a cocktail reception.

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