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In all Discretion, Amel has Stopped the construction of Ketches, in Favor of Sloops

Two years ago, the Rochelle shipyard launched its first sloop for twenty years, the Amel 50, developed with the naval architect Olivier Racoupeau. A launch that led the company to stop the construction of the Amel 55 and Amel 64, the two models that were until its catalog, which were characterized by a ketch type rigging, a unique offer on the market, since the bankruptcy of Finnish shipyard Nauticat.

The launch of the Amel 50 has signed the death of ketches at Amel

The launch of the Amel 50 has signed the death of ketches at Amel

In two years, the Amel 50 was a huge success with no less than 46 units sold, or 23 per year, when the Amel 55 had sold 69 copies in 6 years, between 2011, the year of its launch, and 2017 the year of the end of its commercialization.

A success that only confirmed the validity of the transition to the sloop, reinforced next September by the launch of Amel 60, the new flagship of the shipyard.

As Antoine Riotton, commercial director of the shipyard told to Yachting Art Magazine, it is by listening to
their customers and based on three observations that Amel made the decision to revolutionize its product, first because of the fact that a ketch type rigging reduces the volume of the central cockpit, second because it is then not adapted to a wide hull on the rear part (with direct consequences on the interior layout), and finally, because having to manage 2 masts could be a drag for the majority of boaters lthough Amel offers sails on furlers and push button technology.

In fact, the Amel 50 is particularly easy to maneuver for a couple, the Amel 60 also (with the possibility of going without skipper), and with a well-considered layout plan, with a kitchen corridor already acclaimed by the customers ... of Hallberg-Rassy, the competitor from time immemorial!!

Starting on the sloop market, Amel is repositioning itself in front of the Swedish shipyard, whose range is larger, but whose selling prices are particularly high.

After difficult years, Amel knows a new breath, which is reflected in the figures: the la Rochelle shipyard employs 135 employees for a turnover of 22 million euros, and has planned to release twenty units this year!

A great success!

The Amel 64: the last ketch produced by Amel, with the Amel 55!

The Amel 64: the last ketch produced by Amel, with the Amel 55!

French shipyard Amel is located in Périgny (La Rochelle), on the West Coast

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