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What should you put in your suitcase when you rent a sailboat?

What should you put in your suitcase when you rent a sailboat?

It's not easy to know what to take with you when you decide to rent a sailboat with family or friends. ActuNautique has teamed up with Dream Yacht Charter, the world leader in yacht charter, to find out more !
What should you put in your suitcase when you rent a sailboat ?

Preparing your suitcase for a cruise on a sailboat requires you to adapt to the living conditions, both in terms of the number of people on board and the... limited space, as well as the weather forecast on the spot!!

Dream Yacht Charter has for this purpose elaborated an indispensable checklist!!

What kind of luggage to take on a cruise?

The travel bags :
It is advisable to opt for soft sports bags or backpacks that fold easily. Rigid suitcases are not recommended, as they are often impossible to fit easily in the trunks or lockers on board ! It is also impossible to leave your suitcase empty at the base of departure of the boat, to hope to get it back on the return trip...

A waterproof bag :
This is an indispensable item that you must not forget and which will be very useful to protect your mobile phone, tablet, glasses and wallet. Otherwise, a zipped bag will give you the minimum necessary protection.

The beach bag :
for your towels, sunscreen, snorkel and a change of clothes.
A security pouch: Wear a security pouch under the t-shirt for your important documents and money.

What clothes to take on a boat?

The method recommended in this area is quite simple to imagine, its implementation is more complex : put everything you think you need in a pile, then remove a good third of it !

Bathing suits :
Take several bathing suits, bikinis or swim shorts with you to stay dry.

Take light clothing, especially clothing that dries quickly: t-shirts, tank tops, shorts/ beach dresses.

A raincoat:
Bring a light, waterproof jacket that won't take up much space, but will protect you if you need it.

Remember to take a warm top for the evenings, especially if you are sailing in Europe in low season.

Shoes/sandals :
In this area, it is absolutely necessary to take shoes with non-marking soles and with a strong grip, even if you will be barefoot most of the time.

Swimming shoes to protect your feet.

A beach towel:
an indispensable accessory, to keep the towels and sheets provided free of sea water and sand.

choose them with polarizing lenses, it's even better to counter the sun's reflection on the water.

A sun hat or cap.

Toiletries to bring when cruising on a sailboat

Sunscreen and sun cream :
take enough of it, without oil and without risk for the reefs - look for products without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

Mosquito repellent :
to avoid bites (lavender essential oil is very effective and natural).

Lip balm :
to prevent chapped lips due to wind, salt and sun. Choose it with a sunscreen (SPF).

Travel size toiletries:
shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Make-up :
keep only the minimum !

Pills or patches against seasickness :
indispensable for cruise passengers with seasickness.

Earplugs and mask :
to rest well even with a light sleep, a sailboat being a rather confined place...

Make sure you bring your prescription for all the medications you need to take with you on the cruise.

What documents should you pack?

Passports and visa, plus social insurance card, including the EHIC European social security card.

Your boating license:
if you are sailing yourself, don't forget to bring your certificates and original copies with you.

Your insurance details


playing cards are always a good idea to keep you busy on your cruise.

If you've booked a skippered or unmanned cruise, you might consider bringing: matches, a flashlight, a notebook and pen, a reusable water bottle, a flag: represent your country, state, sports team or university - just for fun!

What you DO NOT NEED to bring on your cruise

Tanning oil, because it stains the boat.
Kitchen utensils.
Navigation tools and maps.
A first aid kit, included in all boats.
Valuable jewellery.
Hair dryer and straightening iron: you will be in the water a lot!

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