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Man overboard - 1st Mate from Mercury, the safety product of the summer!

Alarm system connected in case of man overboard, 1st Mate from Mercury, unveiled at the last Boot in Düsseldorf, also offers an anti-theft function: very practical to secure your boat!

Man overboard - 1st Mate from Mercury, the safety product of the summer!

After a first presentation at the last Boot, Mercury Marine has been working over the last few months to make all its outboard motors Smartcraft compatible, also compatible with 1st Mate. A real breakthrough in the field of safety at sea.

What is 1st Mate like?

In a nutshell, 1st Mate consists of an intelligent hub, a set of portable accessories and a mobile device application, which together integrate into a boat's propulsion system. The package provides safety features that can save lives and help secure property.

The 3 features of 1st Mate

  • a surveillance and warning system for man overboard
  • a distress message
  • a device against theft of the boat and/or its engine(s).

Among the new features of the moment, the 1st Mate mobile application is now available in the Apple Store for iOS devices, with a version for Android devices coming soon.

On the occasion of these announcements, Rob Hackbarth, product category director - Smartcraft marketing at Mercury said on Yachting Art: "The development of the 1st Mate system reflects a real concern for the safety and well-being of people who enjoy leisure activities on the water. I am convinced that this product will save lives and prevent boat theft."

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