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World debuts for the Arcadia 85S and Arcadia 100 at Cannes Yachting Festival

World debuts of Arcadia 85S, the all-new "special" edition of the Arcadia 85 with sky-lounge, and Arcadia 100, alongside the water debut of the entry level model Arcadia Sherpa, at the next Cannes Yachting Festival (6th to the 11st of September 2016).

World debuts for the Arcadia 85S and Arcadia 100 at Cannes Yachting Festival

After the debut of Arcadia Sherpa during the latest Boot Dusseldorf, Arcadia Yachts still under spotlights with two other new models, Arcadia 100 and 85S. All the three yachts will be available for sea trials and international media visits in Cotè Azur during the show. More details soon to come.

All the three new models feature a new sky-lounge concept, convertible into a sheltered third-deck, completely closed and protected by 360 degree openable windows that can be raised up to meet the hard- top, exactly as it happens for the cars. Therefore the whole upper-deck area becomes much more flexible and usable with any weather condition, being air-conditioned in very hot climes or bad weather, or left open and aired if needed, as per any traditional sky-lounge. On the third deck can be fitted the wheelhouse, a lounge with sofas and coffee tables, wet-bar and, externally in the aft for big models, a sun-deck.

Arcadia Sherpa, 85S and 100 have a semi-displacement fiberglass hull, NPL type. This kind of hull is named after the National Physical Laboratory of England where tests were conducted to determine its shape for the best ratio of length to beam in terms of hydrodynamic efficiency. Studies were implemented by Arcadia’s technical department prior to adopting the NPL as Arcadia’s hull, resulting in excellent sea keeping qualities and noise reduction, for exceptional comfort. This advanced hull, together with the light Arcadia superstructure, allows very satisfactory performance with low-power engines. It significantly reduces fuel consumption and related running costs compared to other yachts of similar dimensions.

Solar cells of latest generation are integrated between external and internal surface of double-glazing panels fitted on top of the largest part of the superstructure.

The solar panels - each composed of hundreds of high performance solar cells - installed onboard, an advanced and ecological system, supplies from 3,5kw up to 5kw – according with the surface sqm- enough to guarantee self sufficiency energy for many equipments and electrical systems, like refrigerators, water circulation, toilettes, lights, recharging batteries, excluding the air conditioning system. It results in a significant saving of diesel oil, less pollution and more comfort on board thanks to the substantial reduction of noise, vibration, no gas emission while enjoying your time close to the swim platform.

Each double-glazing panel contains a special gas named Krypton, which guarantees a high thermo-isolating coefficient, up to 18° of thermal cooling between interior and exterior temperatures, the equivalent of a 20 cm brick wall.

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