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VIDEO – Hull Demoulding of the very first RM 1370 in La Rochelle (France)

The RM 1370 is the great novelty launched this year by the shipyard Fora Marine, manufacturer of the famous RMs, fast sailing yachts! The very first model is under construction and has just to be demoulded!

Like all RMs, the RM 1370 is constructed out of Epoxy CP, a technique that the shipyard based in La Rochelle is the only one in the world to have manufactured in a semi-industrialized fashion

In this context, its hull is built upside down on a model before being unmoulded and then laid out.

Last week the hull of the first RM 1370 was demoulded at the Périgny factory in the outskirts of La Rochelle where the RMs are built. An unusual and always very impressive demoulding operation that we invite you to discover in the video above.

The RM 1370, successor of the RM 1360, announced in world preview in ActuNautique at the occasion of the Boot of Dusseldorf, is the brand-new flagship of the shipyard of La Rochelle.

Like all RMs, the RM 1370 is signed by the naval architect Rolland Marc Lombard who has been accumulating the hull innovations discovered on the RM 970 on this model of 13m, equipped with a raised forefoot that - on a unit of 44 feet - should offer beautiful planning abilities!

In terms of style, the largest of the RM range picks up a concept combining a powerful reversed bow and a wide stern - reinforced by a bilge strake - providing stability when the boat heels over, and the painted hull, the dynamic roof line underlined by large and lateral glass panes guaranteeing a 180° visibility from the inside make it extremely livable.

Finally, in terms of interior design, the RM 1370 has 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, featuring a beautiful owner's cabin positioned in the forepeak, and two double back cabins.

VIDEO – Hull Demoulding of the very first RM 1370 in La Rochelle (France)
VIDEO – Hull Demoulding of the very first RM 1370 in La Rochelle (France)

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