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VIDEO - SWATH Technology Catamarans, Boats that erase Waves

If it is a marine technology that will take time to develop despite its many advantages, it is the SWATH technology, for Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull, which today concerns about fifty ships around the world, including research ships, military boats, coastguards, ferries and a luxury liner!

Discovered by the Canadian Frederick Greed in 1938, the SWATH technology is characterized by a very small flotation surface, two thin wave-piercing hulls, each of whose keels, deeply submerged, take the form of a submarine hull, terminated by a propulsion propeller.

A solution which, by anchoring the ship under the surface of the water on two integral hulls, makes it possible to obtain a remarkable stability at sea, even in hollows of 5 to 7 meters, starting from the principle that the stresses under the water are less strong than on a classic hull.

The comparison made at sea is quite uplifting as shown in the following video:

VIDEO - SWATH Technology Catamarans, Boats that erase Waves

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