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boot Düsseldorf & European Boating Industry announce theme for its flag event IBM

boot Düsseldorf and European Boating Industry announce that the third edition of their “International Breakfast Meeting” (IBM) will be held at the boat show on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 from 8:45 to 10:30, and will be accompanied for the first time by its very own logo which will be unveiled shortly.
Having jointly organised for the last 5 years the conference which gathered European and international experts on various themes such as EU policy actions, boat dismantling or market performance and international trade, the organisers decided to change its format 2 years ago and came up with the idea of a breakfast briefing session, which was inaugurated in 2016. It looked at subjects such as competitiveness, challenges and trends in boating. The 2017 event concentrated on how the industry should become more attractive for new comers, as well as adapt better to elderly people on board.
The “International Breakfast Meeting” was developed to answer the visitors’ need to combine a commercial presence at the largest indoor boat show with getting the latest news on regulatory or market developments worldwide. And this is what the breakfast session will continue to do - providing in 2 hours the industry intelligence and updates - that most exhibitors and journalists are looking for, allowing them at the same time to meet and network with peers.
A decade after the big crisis marked and affected badly the boating industry, the 2018 “International Breakfast Meeting” will focus on the market development in both well-established boating leading countries, such as France and the USA, as well as in the emerging countries, like Colombia or South Korea.
The details of the programme with the list of speakers, as well as the logo of the IBM will be announced soon.

boot Düsseldorf & European Boating Industry announce theme for its flag event IBM

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