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World  debut  for  the  new sterndrive  250CX  at  Boot  Dusseldorf  2018

Invictus  Yacht  continues  to  widen  their  gamma.  The  new  250CX  made  is  official  debut  during  Boot  Dusseldorf  2018.

Invictus 250CX

Invictus 250CX

Invictus 200FX

Invictus 200FX

Invictus  250CX  is a  sterndrive  that  offers  incredibly  comfortable  living space  in  only  7.75  meters  of  length,  perfectly  placed  as  an  ideal alternative  between  the  240CX  and  the  280CX,  the  latter  presented  at last  year’s  German  boat  show.

A  sporting  gamma  with  excellent  living  space

The  CX  line  has  several  of  the  characteristics  common  to  the  rest  of  the  “X”  range, especially  regarding  the  setup  of  the  driver’s  console  with  it’s  vertical  development, allowing  for  especially  precise  control  at  the  helm  thanks  to  excellent  ergonomics.

This  range,  as  in  all  the  ranges  at  the  yard,  is  designed  by  Christian  Grande,  the perfect  symbol  of  Italian  styling  as  incarnated  at  Invictus  Yacht.  Interior  space  is  much larger  than  that  offered  by  the  competition  on  boats  of  this  length,  yet she  maintains  her sportive  lines  thanks  to  the  balance  between  the  hull  design  and  the  profile  of  the deckhouse.  Considerable  attention  has  also  been  paid  the  workmanship  going  into  the detailing  and  finishings,  including  choice  of  materials  and  chromatic variations.

Invictus  250CX - A concentrate  of  equipement  and  comfort

In  common  with  the  other  CX  range  models,  this  vessel  was  conceived  to  concentrate lots  of  equipment  with  high  level  comfort  and  encase  them  all  in  a  little  space.  The choice  of  a  sterndrive,  with  a  hull  especially  designed  for  it,  allows  for  a  spacious  stern platform  that  excels  in  comfort  while  at  anchor  and  at  the  same  time  makes  it  easy  to come  aboard  from  the  dock.  The  reclining  L-shaped  settee  extends  the  sun  bathing zone towards  the  cockpit.

The  control  console  is  vertically  developed,  providing  very  precise  control  over  the  boat thanks  to  the  carefully  studied  ergonomics  common  to  the  entire  CX  range.  The  heart  of the  living  zone  is  set  amidships  with  a  standup  driver’s  seat,  easily  transformable  to complete  the  stern  dinette  and  giving  another  seat  to  those  who  love  to  enjoy  their  boat with  friends.  This  is  standard  equipment.

You  must  not  be  distracted  by  the  beauty  of  the  finishings  and  fine  detailing  from  the  noteworthy  seakeeping  qualities  of  the  hull,  always  easily  driven  and  smooth  riding  even  in  rough  water,  able  to  carry  up  to  250hp  outboards.

The  sterndrive  option  also  throws  out  250hp,  driving  the  Invictus  250CX  up  to  a  top speed  of  38  knots,  with  a  comfortable  cruising  speed  of  25  knots.  

Invictus  200FX  –The  big  little  boat

The  German  boat  show  hosted the  first  showing  in  Germany  of  the  Invictus 200FX.  Only 6.1  meters  long,  it  shines  with  all  the  brand’s  character  and  authoritative  styling.  A  jewel with  top-level  livability  and  equipment,  created  for  the  owner  who  is  looking  for  a  boat with  a  strong  identity  that  will  provide  him  with  safety  and  performance,  without excluding comfort  and  luxury.  

The  refined  keel  was  designed  for  speed  and  has  resulted  in  an  incredible  sea-kindly and  safe  handling  hull.  The  200FX  is  a  step  ahead  for  those  who  want  to  become  a part  of  the  Invictus  world,  as  even  this  small  size  manages  to  contain  everything  that  a tasteful  lover  of  contemporary  design  could  desire  and  show  off  with  satisfaction.  

This  boat’s  reduced  size  with  stylistic  elements  that  bring  to  mind  much  larger  vessels. A perfect  example:  an  abundant  use  of  three-dimensional  fabrics  and  the  colored  console, in  key  with  the  hull  color  –this  chromatic  composition  is  embellished  by  leather  skins that stretch  from  the  windshield  to  the  back  of  the  foredeck  settee.  These  elements  interact and  represent  an  essential  stylistic  element.  

Two  further  models  on  show  After  the  official  launch  of  the  new  Invictus  250CX  and  the German  unveiling  of  the  200FX,  Boot  Dusseldorf  2018  (20-28  January)  hosted two  other models  from  the  Italian  yard,  the  280  GT  and  the  280CX.

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