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Carla Demaria has lost her executive powers to the Monte Carlo Yachts yard management

The board of directors of the Italian shipyard Monte Carlo Yachts must have been stormy on November 10, during which its president, Carla Demaria lost her executive powers.

Carla Demaria at the annual opening press conference of the Yachting Festival 2018 - Photo: NV

Carla Demaria at the annual opening press conference of the Yachting Festival 2018 - Photo: NV

The press release issued by Groupe Bénéteau, owner of the Italian shipyard, has caused a certain stir in the profession, both by the surprise of the announcement, and the tone used. It responds to allegations circulated in the Italian press by Carla Demaria about "the French group's behavior contrary to the interests of its

In this press release, Bénéteau announces the cancellation, on November 10, of the executive powers of Carla Demaria, president of Monte Carlo Yachts.

An Extraordinary General Meeting of Monte Carlo Yachts is announced for the 21st of November, with the agenda "the dismissal of Carla Demaria as President and member of the Board of Directors of Monte Carlo Yachts".

The French group explains this decision by the multiplication of disagreements between the shareholder and Carla Demaria during the last two years, which would have led to the birth of a serious strategic divergence.

Bénéteau also strongly denies information disseminated by Carla Demaria to the press, in particular those relayed by La Stampa and the Medi Telegraph, according to which the parent company of Monte Carlo Yachts has carried out abuses of majority, irregularities or unfair actions towards its Italian subsidiary, in order to
harm it.

Decryption - President of Monte-Carlo Yachts, of which she is a minority shareholder, president of Ucina, the federation of Italian nautical industries and for a while general manager of the Beneteau brand, where she left a mixed impression, Carla Demaria is a brilliant personality strong, independent, and fitting with difficulty in a frame. Involved in the development of the Monte Carlo Yachts yard since its creation, she undoubtedly pays today for the underperformance of the brand, a subsidiary of the Bénéteau group dedicated to large yachts, in a very competitive market. The press release of Carla Demaria taken by our colleagues, indicating that Bénéteau would try to harm its subsidiary and indicating that it wanted to protect employment in Italy - in the populist context that the Peninsula knows - is actually surprising, Beneteau having invested heavily in this subsidiary since its creation 10 years ago, launched no less than 7 models - a record - and currently plotting on 3 new yachts! According to our information, the construction site would generate a turnover of 70 million euros for a loss of more than 10 million, a situation that would come partly from the product strategy. The ousting of Carla Demaria should logically end with her leaving the Board of the Group Bénéteau, to which she belongs, alongside Hervé Gastinel, its president, Christophe Caudrelier, financial director of the group and Jean-Paul Chapeleau , General Manager of the Jeanneau and Prestige brands.

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