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Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!

Bénéteau has just revealed the all new Oceanis 30.1, an innovative model with a new habitability for its size, an easily transportable template and a use focused on simplicity. The Vendée shipyard is already betting on a "best in class" career for the smallest model in its cruising range. The Oceanis 30.1 will be presented in world preview at the Boot of Düsseldorf 2019.

Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!
Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!
Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!
Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!
Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!
Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!

The design of the Oceanis 30.1 was based on an equation that consisted of reducing the size of the boat, while gaining precious centimeters on the deck and indoors; a space saving that will make the difference in terms of comfort and livability!

A transportable model for a wide variety of navigation programs

With a dimension of 9 x 3 meters and a weight of less than 4 tons, the Oceanis 30.1 is transportable by road by a professional of transportation, but without having to deploy an exceptional convoy.

It is also possible to join the waterways through the canals and rivers, with a liftable keel and swivel mast version, which allows a wide variety of navigation programs.

Ideal for sailing on the lakes or boating on the coast, the Oceanis 30.1 remains however a B category boat, solid and equipped for the navigations offshore. This smallest model in the range is also the one that offers the widest range of navigation programs!

Performance and Simplicity of Navigation

The Oceanis 30.1 combines performance and simplicity of navigation, with a hull signed Finot-Conq in line with the latest generation inaugurated in 2017 with the 51.1.

The fine bow widening in a chine above the waterline, the stiffness to the canvas, the optimized weight and the standard offer of a square top main sail are all assets that allow this new model to sail at all paces.

The original addition of a plain solid wood tiller will seduce both thrill-seekers and new yachtsmen. Those who prefer comfort will be able to opt for the double steering wheel.

The self-tacking jib and the unique winch will be perfect for beginners or crew cruisers. Performance enthusiasts will be able to equip their Oceanis 30.1 with a large genoa overlay, a zero code on reel or an asymmetrical spinnaker (bow nose integrated design of the hull).

Optimized Spaces

With its bright chines and a good free-board / roof ratio, the Oceanis 30.1 fully adopts the look of a small yacht. The rear width allows for example to propose a double wheel bar that frees the cockpit. The available space is further increased in the configuration with tiltable tiller for the mooring.

Beyond the visual effect, the self-supporting mast / push bar solution eliminates the backstay and clears the traffic at the rear of the boat. It is the same with the mainsheet located in front of the descent, it frees space while securing the maneuvers.

On both sides of the large folding cockpit table, two large bench seats can accommodate up to 6 guests.
At the rear, access to the sea is through a single step that can be completed by a lifting platform.

The Oceanis 30.1 has managed to gain precious centimeters in strategic points; the integration of the floors with the structure of the boat makes it possible to reach 1.98 meters of height under beams in the central part of the boat, and 1.85 in the two cabins.

The centimeters of length gained at the back and at the tip of the boat allow the two double cabins a significant clearance space (which is a real entrance lock for each cabin), as well as a bed orientation in the length of the boat.

The 2 x 2 meters of square seats can offer two additional beds. The bathroom is divided between shower-basin on one side and toilets on the other.

Located at the foot of the descent, the L-shaped kitchen has high and low storage, a fridge of 75 liters, and an oven under the gas. In terms of comfort, the Oceanis 30.1 adopts the downhill slope (3 steps to 33 °), an innovation that is a strong asset of the Bénéteau cruise range.

Technical data sheet - Overall length: 31'3" - Length of hull: 29'6" - Flotation length: 28'5" - Hull width: 9'10" - Light displacement: 8805 lbs – long ballast draught (moulded): 6'2" - Long ballast weight: 2144 lbs - Short ballast draught: 4'3" - Short ballast weight: 2535 lbs - Weighted drifters: 3'1" / 7'8" - Dinghy weights: 2865 lbs - Air draught: 44'10" - Fuel tank (standard): 34 US Gal - Fresh water capacity (standard): 42 US Gal - Engine power (standard) : 15 hp – Battened mainsail: 256 sq/ft - Furling mainsail: 202 sq/ft - Self-steering jib: 169 sq/ft - Genoa: 238 sq/ft - Asymmetric spinnaker: 753 sq/ft - Code 0: 374 sq/ft 


Naval architect: Finot-Conq
Design of the bridge and the interior: Nauta Design
EC Certificate: B6/C8/D10

Scoop – Bénéteau Launches Oceanis 30.1!

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