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Garcia Explocat 52, an aluminium exploration catamaran, to go to the end of the world

Garcia Yachts, a subsidiary of the Grand Large Yachting Group, announces the launch of the Explocat 52, a 16.95m aluminium ocean-going catamaran with an overall length of 16.95m, which will be unveiled for the very first time at the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle.

Garcia Explocat 52

Garcia Explocat 52

The Explocat 52 is the latest addition to the Normand shipyard, initially known for its aluminium ocean-going monohull yachts, which has expanded its range to the multihull catamaran market, with the Garcia Exploration 45 in 2014, then Garcia Exploration 52 in 2016, two units also built in aluminium, the shipyard's signature.

The first Garcia Explocat 52 hit the water at the beginning of July. This model is already a success, as its manufacturer already announces 6 sales ! 

Signed Pierre Delion for the naval architecture, and Darnet Design, for the interior design, the Garcia Explocat 52, which can be discovered in La Rochelle, is proposed in several interior layouts: versions 3 and 4 double cabins with 2 and 4 bathrooms.

In line with its two predecessors, the Garcia Explocat 52 offers a very secure forward cockpit with front door, providing additional outdoor living space, a feature always welcome aboard an ocean-going unit.

Among the innovations of this model is a pendulum bar that allows steering from the traditional helm station positioned behind the aft bulkhead of the saloon, or from the cockpit, by simply pivoting the helm, following the example of the Ita Catamarans solution, which does not go as far as Garcia in this area.

Garcia Explocat 52, an aluminium exploration catamaran, to go to the end of the world

Specifications of catamaran Garcia Explocat 52

  • Length excluding VAT: 16.95 m
  • Hull length :15,85 m
  • Beam :8,20 m
  • Draft :1,50 m
  • Air draught :25,5 m
  • Unladen displacement :18,6 tons
  • Sail upwind :167 m2
  • Gennaker :185 m2
  • Motorization :2 x 60 HP
  • Water tanks :660 litres
  • Diesel capacity :2 x 550 litres
  • Cabins: from 3 to 4
  • Sleeps : from 6 to 10
  • Height under barrot :2,05 m
  • Architect :Pierre Delion
  • Design :Darnet Design

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Wrong content, you should remove this part of the sentence: "which has expanded its range to the multihull catamaran market", because Garcia Exploration 45 and 52 are monohulls!<br /> Thanks a lot,<br /> Pierre-Jérôme — Garcia Yachts