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Scoop - first video images of the new Bali Catspace in... owner version!

At the very beginning of the year, the Bali Catspace came to revolutionize the market for 40-foot catamarans, offering unique forward cabins because of the volume offered, and the layout of the bed!

In fact, this model clearly offers 4 equivalent cabins, including the forward cabins distinguished by a bed ... facing the sea !

This configuration, unique on the market, is in addition to the specificities of the different models of the Bali range, namely the unique saloon-cockpit, opening or closing to the sea, thanks to a tilt-and-turn door, the very real flybridge, despite the size of the boat, and the forward cockpit well protected from the sea spray.

A few weeks ago, we proposed you to discover the 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms version of the Bali Catspace.

In a few days, BoatScopie will offer you a 10-15 minutes private visit of the brand new owner version of the Bali Catspace, which offers new finishes, and a hull entirely dedicated to the owner...

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