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Boating Industry - 35% growth for Catana Group in the first quarter

Boating and multihulls - Catana Group, the world's number two in the pleasure catamaran market through its Catana and Bali brands, is reporting 35% growth in the first quarter of its fiscal year, beginning September 1, 2022, and is anticipating double-digit annual sales growth!

Boating Industry - 35% growth for Catana Group in the first quarter

In the first quarter of 2022-2023, Catana Group's revenues amounted to 40,124,000 euros, up 34.89% compared to 2021-2022 (29,744,000 euros).

This growth confirms the soundness of the strategy of the French group chaired by Olivier Poncin, which consists of innovating in the pleasure catamaran market with the Bali concept, which constitutes a unique offer on the market, acclaimed by customers.

This growth comes after a particularly dynamic fiscal year 2021-2022 for Catana Group, whose business grew by nearly 46%.

Strong market share gains

Last year, like the rest of the global industrial sector, the French group, which is based in Canet en Roussillon, was not spared major shortages of parts deliveries, leading to numerous manufacturing delays and significant disruption of its industrial activity.

According to Catana Group's management, this situation has improved since the beginning of the year, with a significant improvement in the supply chain that will gradually allow the company to regain industrial efficiency.

Catana Group's strong growth is reflected in a record order book, and, "for the time being, unaffected by the general context". Despite a tense international geopolitical context, an uncertain economic outlook, and significant increases in the sale price of boats decided by manufacturers, the multihull market dynamic does not seem to want to stop.

Present last fall at all the major world boat shows, the Group continues to see strong interest in its Bali concept and its range, which is virtually the widest on the market.

"Orders taken from the dealer network and professional rental companies continue to grow and now also concern the 2024/2025 fiscal year. This trend consolidates CATANA GROUP's prospects, whose growth continues to outpace the market. The breakthrough of the BALI brand concept has enabled the Group to achieve a historic gain in market share, making CATANA Group one of the world's top three catamaran builders, and this strong momentum is set to continue," states a Canata Group financial press release.

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