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Boating - Heavy losses for the German group HanseYachts, despite a 30% price increase

German leisure boat builder HanseYachts Ag, based in Greifswald in northern Germany and in Poland, builder of the Hanse, Dehler, Sealine, Fjord, Ryck and Moody brands, has just announced its results for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, results that are frankly not good.

Boating - Heavy losses for the German group HanseYachts, despite a 30% price increase

In a context where almost all yacht builders are announcing very good financial results and full order books, with delivery times up to 2025, one major shipyard is an exception to the rule, the German HanseYachts.

For the past fiscal year, HanseYachts announced a consolidated loss of 12.9 million euros, for a turnover of 132.4 million euros.

If the turnover of the German sailboat and motorboat manufacturer shows an increase of 23%, materialized by the construction of 568 units and the invoicing of 561, i.e. 130 more than the previous fiscal year, and an order book of 270 million, it should be noted that this increase in turnover also comes partly from a price increase.... of nearly 30%!

This 30% price increase was applied throughout the 12 months of the year, and is part of a global approach of the sector, which was however much less heavy-handed in a single year!

In fact, one figure is currently surprising and an example is easily demonstrated: on the 7-meter outboard boat market, new units that before covid were worth 75,000 euros are now offered at between 100 and 110,000 euros, an evolution that does not shock new boaters but is a bad surprise for boaters wishing to renew their boats in this size category.

With a backlog of 270 million euros - which, let's not forget, represent commitments from the distribution network with down payments that can be cancelled with the loss of the down payment - HanseYachts is optimistic for the future.

A unit recently launched by the shipyard is literally a hit, the Hanse 460, a very successful yacht, already sold or ordered more than 200 units, joined by the Hanse 510, a very good score worthy of the French shipyards, and which demonstrates the return in force of the Germans on the cruising yachts market. This success should be compared with that of the Bavaria 38 and Bavaria 42, which are among the biggest European sales at present.

For the fiscal year 2022-2023, the management of HanseYachts Group anticipates orders of between 130 and 170 million euros, and has decided to secure its accounts with a capital increase of 7.7 million euros.

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