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Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands

For the last few months, the company accelerated its growth with new dealerships around the world. 

Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands
Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands
Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands
Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands

Iguana Yachts strengthens its position on the leisure market by opening new markets with Thailand and Croatia but also by reinforcing its presence in the United States with two new partners in Michigan and Massachusetts.

The niche market for amphibious boats finds applications in multiple regions of the world. By overcoming the rupture between land and sea, Iguana is the most powerful solution to access the sea with ease and comfort. Boat dealerships opt for Iguanas as the most capable amphibious boat in the world. 

This rapid expansion represents a turning point for Iguana Yachts. With now partners in 9 locations around the world, the shipyard not only confirms the need for Iguanas and the performance of the solution but it also confirms the extent of the market potential.

Iguana Yachts extends in new countries with partners in Thailand and Croatia. Applications for amphibious solutions are endless for the remote beaches and coves of Thailand. Satiwas Chaisirivichiean from MF Group understood the potential of such a powerful boat in those shallow waters. 

From waterfront property owners to superyachts enthusiasts, Thailand overflows with possibilities for Iguanas. With two boats already sold in Thailand and others on the way, Iguana might grow beyond expectations on the asian market.

Already well implemented on the French Riviera, in Corsica and in the superyacht world, Iguana Yachts opens new markets in the mediterrannean with Croatia. 

As a growing market for leisure boats and a paradise for superyacht charters, Croatia offers amazing applications for amphibious Iguanas. Adria Luxury Boats plans on convincing even more superyachts of the benefits of such a multifunctional tender in this beautiful region.

Iguana Yachts strengthens its presence in the US. With already existing partners in Florida and Massachusetts, the amphibious shipyard opens new partnerships in Michigan and Nantucket.

The US market is an amazing territory for amphibious solutions. Susie and Lewis Cooper from Elk Rapids Marina rapidly realized the potential of Iguanas for Lake Michigan where many waterfront villas do not have any pontoon or ramp. 

The Iguana offers direct access to the water in seconds thanks to the tracked landing gear. Owners can park their boat in their backyard and enjoy relaxing boating journeys.

Iguana intensifies its actions in Massachusetts where the market potential for amphibious solutions is tremendous with a partnership with Nantucket Marine.

Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands

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