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Magnus and Mellie Rassy awarded Orust Citizens of the Year

Magnus Rassy and Mellie Rassy are awarded Orust Citizens of the year 2016. The prize is given to somebody who has done something extraordinary within sports, culture or within the business community. The jury consists of the Henån business association, the paper Henånbladet, Orusts Sparbank and the Orust County.

Magnus and Mellie Rassy awarded Orust Citizens of the Year

The jury says: Orust Citizen of the year 2016 goes to Magnus and Mellie Rassy. With their business they have put Hallberg-Rassy on the nautical chart. Hallberg-Rassy is one of the globally most renowned yacht builders and sail on all seven oceans.

Wherever a Hallberg-Rassy sails, those boats are met with the respect only ultimate quality does. For more than twenty years Hallberg-Rassy has been the driving factor behind Open Yard / Öppet Varv, a boat show with very good reputation all around the world, and attracts tenths of thousands of visitors to Orust every August.

Magnus and Mellie bring a proud family tradition further, where the love for the sailing yacht, exquisite craftsmanship and the wind power are important factors. It continues the thousand year boat building history on Orust.

Hallberg-Rassy meets market demand with modern technology, traditional craftsmanship and continuous development, now latest with the new design Hallberg-Rassy 44. All the national and international awards won speak for themselves. Prestigious yachting magazines from all over the world write about those fantastic Hallberg-Rassys. And on top of all this, a Hallberg-Rassy is involved in the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

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