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David and Karen (Birmingham), share their impressions about their Bénéteau GT 49

David and Karen from Birmingham (UK)

David and Karen from Birmingham (UK)

Dr. David Crossley, you have been the happy owner of a Bénéteau GT 49 for a year now ; can you speak and share your impressions about this boat ?

Dr David Crossley - We love the Bénéteau GT 49 !! It is a very beautiful boat to look at, we have 3 cabins. This boat is the perfect boat for us, for our family ; it is a very safe boat, it is fast, and is economical ! It is everything we wanted from a boat !

How did you discover this model ?

DC - We were at Southampton Boat Show last year, in 2016, and we were looking for a 3 cabin boat, a 50 footer. We looked at all the boats at the boat show, and it was the Bénéteau that impressed us most.

Why, on comparison with the other boats shown at the boat show ?

DC - It was very good value for us, at that time, and the boat had the IPS, which we wanted, and it was a very beautiful boat to be on, it was perfect. We made the decision in 10 minutes to buy it !

Since then, did you use it a lot ?

DC - Yes, we have done 90 since March 2017: we've crossed the Channel (la Manche ptn!) and we went to the Channel Islands and in France, and all along the coast of England.

What will you do for the coming months ?

DC - We will be using the boat until November, and the boat will be looked after and will be serviced for us. We will be starting to use the boat again in March, next year.

The Bénéteau GT 49

The Bénéteau GT 49

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