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Multihulls - Catana Group (Catana and Bali) anticipates sales growth of 40%

The world number 4 in the multihulls market has a market visibility that has been unprecedented for years, with an order book at the end of October, so just 2 months after the opening of the nautical season, of nearly 37.5 million euros, compared to ... 18 million a year ago!

The Catana 70, the flagship of the French shipyard Catana Group

The Catana 70, the flagship of the French shipyard Catana Group

Launched just 3 years ago, the Bali brand is poised to become a market player on which you will have to count within the pleasure catamaran market, where the Catana brand dedicated to long journeys is a must-have in the unit segment.

The strong growth in French shipyard sales should ultimately enable it to increase sales of new boats by almost 40%, i.e. more than 100 catamarans, a growth borne both by the Bali brand and by the Catana (luxury) brand.

This growth would also be supported by the site's product plan, which announces two strategic models, Bali 4.1 and Bali 5.4. The Catana 53, that was launched this year, had been very well received.

Significantly, the growth of these sales in the 2017-2018 fiscal year would not be impacted by fleet replacements following the hurricanes that occurred in the Caribbean, as the first processes of expertise and reimbursement of owners and charter companies are not yet anticipated and should not intervene before the end of the year, or even the beginning of next year.

To adapt to the strong growth of its business, the Catana Group is now focusing on the optimization of its industrial sites, with the aim of moving from a single production process to a quasi-industrial process.

Specialists in this field have already been working for several months on the various yard sites of the French group that plans to increase its production capacity by 25% in equivalent in human and industrial perimeter.

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