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Multihulls - sales up 48% for Catana Group (Bali and Catana)

Catana Group, manufacturer of the pleasure catamarans Bali and Catana, sees the half-yearly figure of its new boats sales grow by nearly 48%! The group based in Canet-en-Roussillon has revised its annual objectives up and anticipates an annual turnover of nearly 70 million euros.

Multihulls - sales up 48% for Catana Group  (Bali and Catana)

Sales in the first half of 2018-2019 once again marked a strongly growing trend for Catana Group, a growth driven by new boat sales, up 48%, which now represent more than 85% of the activity of the Group, alongside the brokerage of used boats and the management of Port Pin Roland (Toulon - France).

In this context, the company under the management of Olivier Poncin has raised its target for new boat sales growth for 2018/2019 to 50% against 40% previously announced.

In a rapidly changing marine market, Catana Group is surfing on the growth of the cruise catamaran market, driven by new ways of buying boats, with products whose profile meets the growing need for safe navigation with spacious living space.

This strong trend seems to be less affected by economic uncertainties, as the multihull market is more geared towards retirees and is an activity with very high renewal potential, little sensitive to economic or conjunctural uncertainties.

In this dynamic market, Catana Group performed well thanks to the explosion of sales of the young Bali range that had only 3 models in the catalog recently and has just been reinforced by the arrival of its new flagship, the Bali 5.4, a model that displays a very large order book according to our information.

Catana Group announces an order book of nearly 115 million euros, with visibility on some models already brought to 2021!

As a result, Catana Group now expects sales of new boats to increase by 50% in 2018/2019, i.e. € 60 million (versus 40% previously announced).

The contribution of other activities (services, opportunities, brokerage and miscellaneous), which are less readable and less marginal, should enable the Group to reach a historic threshold of € 70 million in sales by August 31.

Analysis - the success of the Bali 5.4 and the low level of sales of used boats should boost the level of profitability of the group over the coming months, which confirms the change in the company's profile operated in recent years. In fact, if the direct sales of Catana required the recovery and resale of used boats by the shipyard, it is not the same with the Bali brand that has an increasingly large network assuming live the recovery of used boats taken over on the sales of new boats. This model saves the Group of stocks of used boats and is therefore very favorable to its cash. In just 4 years, the profile of Catana Group has completely changed, to align with that of its competitors models of series. It accomplished that because of a unique positioning on the market and of the very design of its Bali catamarans.

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