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Confidential - Rupture at Fora Marine for the Future RM 1180?

According to our information, the shipyard Fora Marine, constructor of the famous fast-sailing RM cruisers is said to work on a new sailboat, the RM1180. A sailboat 1180 which should be distinguished by dead works ... original dead works coming directly from the race offshore!

Confidential - Rupture at Fora Marine for the Future RM 1180?

In La Rochelle, the dynamics of Fora Marine do not weaken!

After the successful launch of the new RM 1370 flagship, the French shipyard is now working on
expanding its range with a brand-new model, the RM 1180 designed to fit somewhere between the RM 1070 and RM 1270!

Towards a break in style at Fora Marine?

According to our information, this model would still be developed with the naval architecture firm Marc Lombard, who would have imagined a very original hull, at the level of its dead works (which is above the water).

The Imoca 60 for inspiration?

This innovation, unique in the field of boating, would be directly borrowed from the world of ocean racing, especially Imoca 60.

An innovation that would fit into the style of the sailboats of the brand, characterized by slightly
inverted powerful bows, raised forefronts, for better planning, large sterns, coming from the racing world, and roofs with very dynamic profiles.

If the shipyard did not want to comment on this information, it seems that this model should logically offer 3 double cabins and resume the interior style of the brand, which is distinguished by a 180° visibility from the square and a modern chic design.

With the RM 1180, Fora Marine would have a range of 6 models: RM 890, RM 970, RM 1070, RM 1180, RM 1270, and RM 1370.

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