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Yanmar develops exciting new marine activity “Wheeebo”

Yanmar has developed a new marine activity called the Wheeebo. The development of the Wheeebo demonstrates the application of design thinking and rapid prototyping to discover the needs and difficulties that users themselves did not necessarily realize they faced and offer a solution that reflects the needs of the market. 

Yanmar develops exciting new marine activity “Wheeebo”
Yanmar develops exciting new marine activity “Wheeebo”

Users of the circular board lean in the desired direction of travel, and onboard sensors detect the change in weight distribution and engage the boards motor to propel the board across the water.

The Wheeebo is expected to be used at lakes, beaches and other waters where the surface is relatively calm. Aimed at family users, this new form of marine activity will be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from late elementary school age to seniors, who will discover new ways to enjoy marine activities through the Wheeebo.

Marketing and operational testing activities will continue towards a target for service deployment of next year’s marine high season.

Direction of motion is controlled by the user adjusting their center of weight in the desired direction of travel. Board sensors detect the direction and adjust the propeller mounted under the board. 

While the Wheeebo has a simple and intuitive operation, a moderate amount of skill is required for mastery, making the Wheeebo an easy entrance for a wide range of users to experience the excitement of marine activities.

The Wheeebo :

Size: diameter 140 cm / 150 cm (depending on use and user weight)
Speed : Walking speed (max. 3 kt.)
Drive: Electric motor
Power: Nickel-hydrogen battery
Operation time: 60 minutes on one charge
Acceleration: 2 acceleration modes controlled by hand remote
Area of use: Beaches, lakes and other calm waters

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