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Eco Yachting News #2822 - White Shark, Wellcraft, Price Inflation, RCMarine

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Eco Yachting News #2822 - White Shark, Wellcraft, Price Inflation, RCMarine

300: the number of components in a White Shark

As the Vendée factory of the White Shark brand (French Boat Market Group) grows in power in L'Herbaudière, on the island of Noirmoutier, its owner, Lionel Vergne, tells us about the importance of the production flow that has been set up, and his categorical refusal of the concept of "just in time", an economic nonsense in a luxury industry like boating according to him. This position allows him to build his luxury units without any break in the chain, with a maximum level of quality, as an average unit of the shipyard integrates about 300 different components. Including the Yamaha outboard engine, installed in the factory, for quality reasons.

New boats: price inflation 

As in other sectors of activity, notably the automobile industry, the price of new boats is currently rising sharply. A French boat dealer tells us that the increase in the last 2 years is equivalent to that of the last 10 years! Thus, an outboard unit of a little less than 7m, fully equipped, ready to go, has gone from 47000 to 63000 euros in two years. This has no impact on demand for the moment, due to the very high demand.

Wellcraft (Groupe Bénéteau): the new Wellcraft 355 has long teeth

The brand new Wellcraft 355, launched in the last two weeks in the United States and Europe, and which we were able to preview in Ajaccio, is certainly a well-born, seaworthy, efficient and well-built boat. This adventure-type commuter - the very first American outboard commuter boat - clearly aims to broaden the initial positioning of the brand, taking it from luxury sport fishing to efficient and uncompromising offshore units. This first model, which will be joined by two other models (one smaller and one larger), should pose a serious problem for its direct competitors - Boston-Whaler in particular - by locking them into the sport fishing market, when Wellcraft will have emancipated itself with a broader and more luxurious offer. The Bénéteau Group's brand house is showing all its efficiency here...

RCMarine expands on the French Riviera

With a strong presence in western France, with nearly six Bénéteau (and Highfield) dealerships located in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Les Sables d'Olonne, Pornic, La Rochelle, Ile de Ré and Le Crouesty, the Vendée-based RCMarine Group is expanding its reach on the French Riviera by taking over the Bénéteau Paturle Nautic dealership (Antibes, Cogolin, Mandelieu). Jean-Claude Paturle having sold the land of the Antibes dealership to a real estate developer, the buyer has to find a new site, which he should raise to the group's standard, with the example of the Saint Gilles Croix de Vie dealership, a unique model of boat dealership in Europe, with its sailing hall that can accommodate 3 50-foot boats....

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