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NUMARINE 37 XP - private tour of a 12 million euro superyacht

video in French, subtitled in English

Yachting - BoatScopy invites you today to come aboard an exceptional superyacht, a Numarine 37 XP, a 3-deck, 37m long and 310 tons explorer yacht, built in Turkey by a shipyard renowned for the high quality of its units.

In this private visit reserved for you, you will be able to discover the very high level of finishing of the Numarine 37 Explorer, a unit with a semi-displacement hull, whose cruising speed is 12 knots, and which has a sailing range of 6000 nautical miles at 8 knots, or 80 liters per hour, an exploit in the market. Welcome aboard the Numarine 37 XP, a brand imported in France by French Boat Market....

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