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Toyota, a manufacturer of pleasure boats, unknown in Europe

Boats, boating and yachting - The car manufacturer Toyota is present in sectors that are totally ignored outside Japan, especially in boating and yachting! And yet, Toyota motorboats are worth a visit, because of their construction quality and their timeless elegance.

Toyota Ponam 28V

Toyota Ponam 28V

Lexus LY 650
Lexus LY 650

Lexus LY 650

Who in Europe could imagine that Toyota, the well known car manufacturer, which managed to place 4 of its cars in the world TOP 10 sales in 2022 (TOP 1, 2, 5 and 7), is an important player in the boating industry on its home ground, in Japan?

Because that is indeed the case!

Because of its DNA, Toyota has developed a range of cabin cruisers, marketed under two brands, Toyota Marine for upper-middle range boats, and Lexus for luxury boats.

There are 4 models in the catalog, 3 under the Toyota Marine brand for boats and 1 under the Lexus brand for yachts.

Toyota Marine, an adventure started in 1989

It was in 1989 that Toyota's general management decided to enter the boating and yachting business, in order to accompany its car customers on the water ! Perfectionist, the manufacturer takes the time to study the market, before releasing, in 1992, a first prototype of Toyota motorboat, a model of 27 feet with aluminum hull.

This boat underwent a whole series of tests - car culture obliges? - which will lead in .... 1997 (!!), by the launch of the Toyota Ponam 28, built in subcontracting in New Zealand. 

One year later, Toyota Marine announces a Japanese distribution network of 16 dealers, spread over the whole archipelago.

In 1999, Toyota Marine announces no less than 6 models, between the Epic 21-22, and Ponam 26S-26F and Ponam 37 ! The steamroller is on its way!

A regular development of the range, in the long term

All these models are cabin cruiser inboards, of the Antares-Merry Fisher type, with a more American design, very typical of fishing.

In 2000, Toyota Marine announced the sale of its hundredth powerboat, a figure that would rise to 200 boats in 2002, 400 in 2005 and 500 in 2006, as the range was renewed and new models were launched.

In 2015, when cumulative sales of Toyota powerboats exceeded 800 units, the Ponam 31 won the Good Design Award!

Moving upmarket with LEXUS

In 2018, Toyota Marine introduces the "LEXUS Sport Yacht Concept", which wins the Japanese Boat of the Year Special Award, and launches the Lexus LY 650 a year later.

In 2021, Toyota Marine passes the 1000 boats sold mark, and distinguishes itself by specific hulls and specific engines, notably hybrids, on its entire range. 

Toyota Marine 2022 range

  • Toyota PONAM 28 V - 9,14m
  • Toyota PONAM 31 - 10,57m
  • Toyota PONAM 35 SW - 11,95m

Lexus Yachts 2022 range

  • Lexus LY 650 - 19,94m
Toyota Ponam 31

Toyota Ponam 31

Toyota Ponam 35

Toyota Ponam 35

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