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Isa Yachts enters Palumbo Group

The Port Committee of Ancona has approved Palumbo Group's request, for a thirty year lease on the state owned property given to the ISA Yachts shipyard, recently acquired by Palumbo

Isa Yachts enters Palumbo Group

After the June 30th approval by the Ancona court for the sale of ISA Yachts to Palumbo, now the Port Authority Committee of Ancona has yesterday assured the authorization for Palumbo Group's thirty year lease of the land used by ISA Group Srl.

On August 1st, at 4:00pm, the notary transfer of ISA Yachts to the jurisdiction of Palumbo Group took place. The production of superyachts will continue in Ancona’s facilities, under ISA Yachts’s brand.

This means that the definitive transfer of ISA Yachts production and collateral activities is now definitely underway.

The basis for Palumbo Group's acquisition of ISA Group S.p.A. is continuity in production of the ISA Yachts brand, maintaining and expanding the well established nautical sector in Ancona and the Marche Region.

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