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Yachting - Sunreef Yachts invents the catamaran exploration superyacht

The world leader in the luxury catamaran market is showing unfailing dynamism, having just lifted the veil on a brand new motoryacht model that brings catamarans into the world of.... exploration superyachts!

Yachting - Sunreef Yachts invents the catamaran exploration superyacht

Exploration superyachts are on the rise, allowing their owners to envisage long-distance cruises, at all latitudes, in complete autonomy, in the greatest safety.

Based on this premise, but also on the attraction of catamaran architecture for shipowners, which allows more living space in a more contained superyacht format, better stability and a smaller crew, the Polish shipyard Sunreef Yachts, created by the Frenchman Francis Lapp and based in Gdansk, Poland, which is positioned as the world leader in the sector, has decided to decline the concept of exploration superyachts ... on two hulls ! This is how the 40M Sunreef Explorer presents itself.

40M Sunreef Explorer is therefore a versatile luxury catamaran concept, designed for long voyages and circumnavigations. This new exploration catamaran promises remarkable seakeeping, transoceanic autonomy and reliable performance in rough seas. 

The elegance of the line, timeless and powerful, capitalizes on the style of the brand.

40M Sunreef Explorer offers a customization program to adapt to intense sailing programs.  The aft deck of the yacht accommodates a deck crane, a 7m tender, two personal watercraft and a variety of seatoys. Once the hydraulic platform is in the lowered position, a beach club stretching across the entire width of the boat is offered to guests. 

With a beam of 13.34m, the 40M Sunreef Explorer offers 654m² (!) of living space, spread over three decks, the equivalent of 60m monohull units, less width.

The interiors can be fitted out according to the owners' wishes, with for example the possibility of integrating a billiard room (with gyroscopic billiard table), a master suite with a private folding balcony or a hammam.

The outdoor rest areas include a large lounge on the flybridge, equipped with a jacuzzi and bar, as well as a large front terrace with solarium.

Yachting - Sunreef Yachts invents the catamaran exploration superyacht


  • Construction - Composite
  • Length 38 m / 124.7 Ft
  • Max. beam 13.34 m / 43.8 Ft
  • Living space 654 m² / 7039.6 Ft².
  • Naval architecture - Sunreef Yachts
  • Design - Sunreef Yachts

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